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RFK Jr – A Parasitic WORM Ate Part of My Brain

Is that what we are calling heroin now?


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. described over a decade ago how a worm ate part of his brain and caused short term memory loss.

The 2024 longshot independent presidential candidate revealed the information during a 2012 divorce deposition unearthed by The New York Times and published on Wednesday.

At first, doctors thought RFK Jr.’s memory loss and mental fogginess was the result of a brain tumor after a dark spot showed up on his brain scans.

While packing for a surgery at Duke University Medical Center in 2010, Kennedy received a call from a doctor at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital who believed the symptoms were a result of a dead parasite in his head.

Kennedy said at the deposition that the doctor believed the abnormality on his scans ‘was caused by a worm that got into my brain and ate a portion of it and then died.’

At the time of revealing this information in a deposition, RFK Jr. was going through divorce proceedings with Mary Richardson and was arguing that his earning power was diminished due to cognitive struggles.

Kennedy was married to Richardson from 1994 to 2012. He is now now married to actress Cheryl Hines and running for president.

Kennedy, 70, prides himself on his athleticism and has on several occasions displayed his physical fitness online by posting shirtless videos of himself showing off his six pack abs and doing push ups and bench pressing.


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  1. I do not like RFK Jr. because he is as big a sexual scumbag as most of the rest of Kennedy family were. A Kennedy will screw any woman at any time and for any reason all learned from their lecherous grandfather Joe Kennedy Sr. The whole damned family has been nothing but a bunch of reprobates who think that their shit doesn’t stink and that they’re above the law like most elite assholes. FRKJR.

  2. “dead parasite in his head”
    “diminished cognitive struggles”
    May as well just leave Biden there.
    They’re trying to split votes away from Trump, so the cheating isn’t as obvious.

  3. He was married to Mary Richardson.
    “On May 16, 2012, Richardson was found dead at her home in Bedford, New York. Her death was ruled a suicide by hanging.[11] An autopsy revealed that she had antidepressants in her blood.”
    Who would vote for this parasite?

  4. This all makes sense. In his case he’s lucky, that former guy those worms had a full all you can eat buffet. What do I know, I thought ivermectin was for parasites? I think there was a Dr Who season about worms eating up politicians brains then taking over government.
    Looks like those darn worms took over all his followers too.

  5. I hope that this isn’t posted too late, from today’s Babylon Bee, Dead worm found in RFK Jr.’s brain already polling higher than Biden in 11 states. I read the Babylon Bee first thing in the morning just after I read Go Comics.com to start the day off with humor and some levity. It works every time and helps me to stay sane.


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