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Bridenstine: Obama Holding U.S. Military Hostage

ConservativeHQ- We are inclined to agree with Rep. Jim Bridenstine’s point that Congress’s core constitutional responsibility is to provide for the common defense.

Bridenstine Oklahoma

But the record of congressional Republicans on exercising oversight of the Pentagon and spending is thin at best. In agreeing with Bridenstine we are counting on him to push for the same kind of oversight of the Pentagon and military spending that Congress should exercise on other agencies of the federal government.

In an exclusive op-ed in Breitbart, principled limited government constitutional conservative Rep. Jim Bridenstine (OK-1) wrote that “I have watched President Obama do some really audacious things – from unconstitutionally granting amnesty to illegal aliens to unilaterally changing Obamacare over 30 times. I never thought he would hold the military hostage to regulatory and social welfare programs.”



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  1. As libtard’s say that “promote the general welfare” means that government should promote the nanny state, I say that “provide for the common defense” should be interpreted to mean that government should be providing modern arms, ammunition and training to the “common citizen”.

    Why the hell not?

  2. Most don’t know the military is the petrie dish that our glorious leaders use to experiment with social change.

    Because the members aren’t protected by the constitution. They exist under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), which is a whole ‘nother animal.

    The UCMJ is not inherently evil, it is necessary to govern people that you send to kill others. We don’t ask that of our non-sworn civilian populace. It is a legal structure where directed murder, properly conducted, is just fine.

    We hold harmless those who kill in the name of our nation. At the direction of our politicians.

    Ain’t that weird?

    But it has been so for centuries.

    So, having that level of control over a group of people, congress, in its ever changing make up has fucked with the military.

    They seemingly can’t help themselves.

    They would love to do this to the rest of us but they fear we would kill them if they tried.

    I hope they are correct in their fears.

  3. Way to tell it like it is, ConservativeHQ!!!….

    “Capitol Hill Republicans have become notorious for their obsequious devotion to the campaign dollars of the military-industrial complex and program funding is too often determined by who has the best lobbyist, not who has the best tank or plane. Republicans have also treated the Pentagon and military bases as local jobs programs instead of determining their utility in the national defense – another major failure of oversight and spending discipline.”

    A big AMEN! Also, good for Rep. Jim Bridenstine for outing O’flouncer for his constant attempts to behead our military when he can’t get what he wants

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