Brutalized by Trump’s Winning, Liberals Nip at Conservatives’ Ankles

Townhall: The Democrats are having a major case of the sadz, and it’s hilarious. Their generic lead in the midterms ballot has evaporated. After the Iran and North Korea triumphs, Obama’s legacy is just a smoking ruin of broken dreams and corrected failures. And Stormy Daniels’s cheesy reign on CNMSNBC has morphed into a rain of singles from leering weirdos at creepy places with names like “The Treasure Chest” and “Reliable Sources.”

So what do the liberals do when they are losing the all the big fights? They try to score points by taking some conservative scalps, which should thrill Elizabeth Warren. But they only end up biting at conservatives’ ankles.

They are targeting the great Ric Grenell, our new, conservative ambassador to Germany, because he dares represent the United States’ interests. See, liberals are confused about what a United States diplomat should do. They think the American ambassador’s job is to please the foreigners with whom he is assigned to interface. This is consistent with liberals’ default position that the United States is always wrong and its critics are always right. But here’s the thing – President Trump, and Ambassador Grenell, understand that the job of an American diplomat is to represent American interests.

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  1. “Obama’s legacy is just a smoking ruin…”

    Smoking is pretty much Obama’s legacy now. Trump can’t take that away from President Newport.

  2. Little by little the realization of what a piece of shiite Obozo was as president is putting them in deep shock. It’s scrambled what few brain cells these pitiful slobs have. Not unlike watching cockroaches succumb to insecticide.

  3. Historically, it has been common for an ambassador to be merely the socializing figurehead of the American diplomatic mission, and for the attachés and secretaries to do the actual work of representing U.S. interests in various ways. Sometimes this arrangement works well. But when both the ambassador AND the attachés and secretaries are appeasing wimps as has been common lately, you need Trump appointees to straighten things out. This is evidently happening, and this is good.

  4. the left only thinks obama was a great potus because the msm all said he was.

    when pressed on defining obama’s greatness you can hear their rocks rattling in their head but not a word comes out while a stupid look comes over their face as they realize they have no clue what made him so great.

  5. There’s an old story about Reagan, upon meeting US Ambassadors, would ask them which country they represented. Invariably they would respond Germany, Italy, France, Japan, etc.

    He would reply, no, you represent the United States of America. It shows how the striped pants crowd thinks.

  6. People are going to freak out for a time, common sense will eventually
    set in, and life should become FUN again. Democrats I know are slowly realizing that the O’Hillary Drug wears off!

  7. To me, I am glad there are liberals out there, keeping some level of oversight, keeping government generally run by Republicans in check from straying too far from a compassionate view.
    But you cannot actually put liberals in charge. They are incompetent.

  8. @Thirdtwin “Smoking is pretty much Obama’s legacy now. Trump can’t take that away from President Newport.”

    I was thinking President Choom.

  9. I doubt the Dems ever led in the generic polls. The media just skewed the numbers in an effort to try and help the Dems. And now that isn’t even working.

  10. @bill May 14, 2018 at 8:46 am

    > the left only thinks obama was a great potus because the msm all said he was

    He gave homophobic, misogynist, racist, nazis the cray-cray. Day in, day out. For years. Let them stew an hour in our flip-flops. (Not a mixed metaphor!!! You illiterate peasant!! We’re not walking anywhere!)

  11. “And Stormy Daniels cheesy reign on ABCXYZ has morphed into a reign of shingles…..”

    There. Fixed it for ya. Yer welcome.

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