Buccaneers Will Make Players Wear Different Wristbands If They Have Not Been Jabbed

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So much for HIPAA. (That’s sarcasm, by the way.)

The Buccaneers have informed PFT that the Super Bowl LV champions will be using two different wristbands at practice to distinguish vaccinated players from un-vaccinated players. According to the team, vaccinate players will wear red wristbands and un-vaccinated players will wear yellow wristbands. More

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  1. Wristbands? How ’bout fuzzy li’l ankle bracelets instead since these big, stwong menses are so afraid of getting a seasonal flu in a league that announced theyre gay anyway, like all the ass-patting in the knit pants wasnt already a “tell”…


    “Under Center” indeed…


  2. joe6pak July 26, 2021 at 2:58 pm

    I wonder why they picked yellow for the unjabbed.

    To point out that the person is a yellow belly. To be yellow-bellied is to be cowardly or easily scared. If you’re yellow-bellied, you’re not brave. It’s the kind of word cowboys use, partner. This word originally applied to birds that literally have a yellow belly, like the yellow-bellied sapsucker. From there, it came to mean an insult for cowards.

    I would refuse to wear a wrist band. “I’d show them my middle finger.”

  3. Why stop there? They could go with “Convicted Felon” (Orange) “On Trial” (Grey)

    “Domestic Violence” ( Black and Blue)

  4. @ risk

    I’m a huge Brady fan.
    There are 3 stages of Pro Sports:
    1) Young & Body is fast & recovers quickly. Experience & knowledge lag but with proper coaching you can be very effective.
    2) Mid career where you body is still strong and dense. You heal well & your experience & brain all work together at what should be your best time in your career.
    3) Late Career: Your body starts to drop off but your mind knows exactly what it wants to do but sometimes the body does not follow the mind. (Tony Romo – great commentator) Little tears, injuries & hits to the head start to take their toll.

    Then there is Tom Brady:
    4) Brain & experience are SOLID, Body is still much better than average, Will to succeed & not get distracted, backed by a Wife who supports the ENTIRE Family, and people who will Do Their Jobs. It is very rare in sports, life, & government.
    That is why I am a fan of his.

    Do I believe he can throw like the video. YES

    Want Proof in a different discipline that I hope people here will recognise: Jerry Miculek

    I watch until TB-12 retires.

  5. Do players have to disclose if they have been tested for AIDS? That has a significant death rate, but no one seems to care about that. How much you want to bet that there are players who would test positive?

    What is the normal significant life span for a virus, unless, of course, it is being propagated by people in power as a means of control?

    Mrs. RMM was reading this morning how Israel has almost a 100% vaccination rate for COVID, yet they are having an epidemic of COVID cases? Just what is the purpose of this vaccine if people are still going to get sick anyway?

  6. @Kcir

    Doing a little “Bam-bam in the ham” with a Victoria Secret supermodel can’t hurt either.

  7. I hope they have to wear pink tights and a tutu too because I don’t care about any of those kneeling POS wife and girlfriend beaters or their game.

  8. All the players should wear yellow wristbands, but I expect they’ll allow themselves to be divided instead.

  9. My best friend from high school was just told by his supervisor that if he didn’t put his mask on he’d fire him on the spot! Pray he finds a new maskless job STAT! Thank you! SO ENRAGING!!! 😡

  10. I don’t see the difference, ain’t gonna watch a bunch of overgrown babies who kneel for the National Anthem no matter what they wear.

  11. @ rich taylor

    The man’s a Genius. She makes more than him allegedly. In the event of a divorce he even gets alimony.

    When my wife tells me her friends are coming over & want to hide in the basement. Imagine Giselle’s friends coming over for a swim in the pool.

    Bloody Genius! God I’m an Idiot…

  12. Gisele ,”Hon, the girls are coming over later, we are going to try on some new swimsuits”.

    Tom ,”Who is coming?”

    Gisele ,”Just the girls, Nina(Agdal), Bar(Rafaeli), and Kate(Upton), we may go for a swim later”.

    Tom ,”Make sure they put their dishes in the sink, cut Nina off at 2 glasses of wine, and tell Kate to quit peeing in the pool. No topless sunbathing, the neighbors are complaining”.

  13. Here’s something players should say to their employer: “I made it clear through my lawyer I would begin to demand the status of all other employee’s health condition in regards to other forms of communicable diseases. We would be demanding information on employee’s with Aids, hepatitis, flu, STDs, measles, mumps, and so on. My lawyer already had the papers drawn up so I could serve him the first day he tried it and part of the suit would be to force the company to make immediate policies to section off employees who had any illness they could spread, including the common cold. If they are going to take responsibility in stopping the spread of covid-19 in the building they are now liable for the spread of anything else.

    Tis was sent to me by a friend. I think it makes perfect sense.

  14. – Have elected officials and “experts” use the media to fashion a narrative that says some people pose a threat to your very life and the Nation itself.
    – Identify and separate those people by wristbands or some other means.

    What could go wrong?

    I’ve said it for a long time: The Left is engineering the next Holocaust.

  15. Did you all see the Goo Fighters only wanted vaccinated people at their show at Madison Square Garden and then Karma said, “Oh just wait…” and then they cancelled their show at The Forum because why? Wait for it…wait for it…wait for it…a vaccinated “team member” came down with COVID! LMAO! I GUARANTEE it was a band member. Nobody cancels a show over some dude or chick selling t-shirts in the lobby. PUH-LEASE!


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