Bull/Moose Ticket

Biden would like Michelle to be his veep.

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  1. …another reason they won’t keep Joe on the ticket is he’s a frail old man, and while Barry was too weak to do any damage, “Michelle” is a beast and would probably break Joe’s osteoporotic bones in just the first evening of serving, uh, “Under” “her”…

  2. I’ve said this before, The DNC will nominate Joe and then he’ll be told who his VP will be. Yes, TOLD. A leftist radical will be the de facto Prez while Joe is relegated to scripted and rehearsed interviews, BS photo-ops and hosting state dinners for shitholian dictators with their hands out. In other words, things must go back to the way they were before that damned Trump stole the election.

  3. That FOOL BIDEN, is involved in a financial deal with the biggest Ukraine mafioso in former soviet territory.

  4. These idiots are all breathlessly awaiting the announcement of Big Mike entering the race as if the public is dying for her guidance.

    Yeah, we want a few more years to view your hideous clothing choices. Biden especially loves your slinky dresses with the pup tent clearly visible below your navel.

  5. Many people on this site KNEW that there would be a play to get and Obama into office this election and here is the “floating of Big Mike” to test the voter response!!!!!!!

  6. Sassy the Sasquatch is too busy playing the victim of “white privilege” and grifting her way across America. Besides, Barry told Malarkey Joe he “didn’t have to do this”, meaning run for president. Nope, neither Obama wants to quit ripping off and guilt tripping wealth progressives idiots full time.

  7. Never happen. The Obamas would have to take Martin and Anita’s girls back for at least another 4-year charade.

    Barack -would- enjoy being First Vice-Lady for real this time.

    The whole idea of seeing more of the Worst Family makes me vomit.


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