Senator Graham Predicts Deliberative Conclusion on Friday

Conservative Treehouse: With Wednesday and Thursday scheduled for senators questions, the date for any other deliberative action would most likely be Friday.  During an interview with Martha MacCallum Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham predicts the potential for the conclusion to any further deliberative action and an acquittal vote on Friday.

On an optimistic note, Senator Graham does articulate a personal awareness of  the constitutional precedent that any further witness testimony in the Senate would create; and outlines his republican caucus colleagues also being aware of the issue. read more

9 Comments on Senator Graham Predicts Deliberative Conclusion on Friday

  1. “During an interview with Martha MacCallum”

    Afterwards, they went to the bathroom together to discuss men, lipstick and perfume. That’s what girls do.

  2. I don’t trust ANY of them and still believe this is going to keep going badly for President Trump. Pray without ceasing.

  3. Does it matter when the acquittal vote happens? We all know there will be a new “bombshell” bullshit story in the NYT or WaPo the next day and the House will start up new impeachment proceedings the next week. The democrats are total cunts. They don’t know how to be anything other than total cunts. They’re not gonna stop being total cunts as long as their asshole base keeps putting them in office.

  4. I don’t trust them one bit on witnesses. Eric Coronamella is probably already on a new CIA assignment overseas where he is unreachable by the Senate. If not now, he will be if the Senate calls witnesses.

    Lord knows what rock Hunter Biden will crawl under to avoid testimony. Hell, Bolton was probably in Doha setting up a safe house so he could bug out if called to testify. No witnesses, please. Wrap this shit up.

  5. Graham is desparate to get it over and keep hunter biden off the stand because little lindsay allegedly made some coin out of ukriane, too.

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