Burger King Drops “Ham” From Hamburger To Avoid Offending Muslims

What’s next, Germany drops Ham from Hamburg?

Summit News-

Burger King in South Africa is dropping the word “ham” from “hamburger” to avoid offending Muslims.

Yes, really.

The “Double Spicy Hamburger” will now become just a “Double Spicy Burger,” while the “Triple Hamburger with Cheese” becomes the “Triple Burger with Cheese,” and a “Hamburger King Jr” on the children’s menu will now be just a “Kids Burger.”

The company, whose headquarters are based in Miami, Florida, said the word was being eliminated in order “to be more respectful of Muslim customers.”

The change is being made despite the fact that the “ham” in hamburger has nothing to do with pork and relates to the German city of Hamburg, where the patties were first made.


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  1. If you really want to KISS the ASS of muslims, simply become a full-fledged Islamist where you give up every right and privilege you have ever had or dreamed of.

  2. The commenter on the site formerly known as Hambone will now be known simply as “Bone” (to appease the islamofascist leftists that frequent the site). Sorry Hambone, but them’s the new rules according to the left and we don’t want to unnecessarily offend their stupid asses.

  3. WTF? Are they also dropping their bacon burger? Their ham and cheese croissanwich? Sounds like fake news. Too stoopid.

    (Cheeseburgers aren’t kosher… and how about vegans…)

  4. The common denominator in all the outrage about offending people, in every case, is the caucasian. When you’re the apex culture everyone wants to tear you down.
    The inferior cultures are able to measure theirs against all the success they see with western societies and it pisses them off!

  5. I sprinkle bacon bits around my property as a repellent. What is any self respecting Musloid doing in a boogerking anyway?

  6. That’s sad.
    I enjoy a Burger King once in a while … at least I did.

    Maybe gutless pandering is its own reward?

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. My first grade teacher was named Mrs. Hamburger but that was 1959 so she got a pass back then, now she’d be Mrs. Burger. Fortunately for me she became pregnant and had to quit before I finished first grade and I got a better teacher. She also thought that I was retarded because I didn’t learn to read well with the Dick and Jane look say bullshit reading agenda. But that’s another story after my mom taught me to read and write phonetically.

  8. BK: “We don’t want to offend any muslims.”
    Translation: F*ck all you folks that helped us to be successful.

    “Burger Mullah, have it our way or else.”

  9. ” the word was being eliminated in order “to be more respectful of Muslim customers.” ”

    Have you noticed how they never ask muslims to be more respectful of others?

  10. Burger King? Ya got tasty Hamburgers and some of the best fries around… but if you’re gonna be BACKWARDS and placate actual 3rd world thought instead of being reasonable and rational, then I’m gonna have to stop eating at your establishments. :l


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