Recent Immigrants Supporting Trump

Legal immigrants don’t support illegal immigrants.

12 Comments on Recent Immigrants Supporting Trump

  1. Awesome.

    I can just hear those libtard pandering heads exploding because of this.

    The democrats are in full panic mode right now because they see people becoming awakened to the bullshit wool that has been pulled over their eyes for the past 50-70 years.

  2. Like people everywhere who move to a new, nicer location. They don’t want to have any more people coming in behind them and wrecking the place.

  3. I find it amusing that the Vietnamese Americans had no ANTIFA or other leftist protesters harassing their demonstration.
    If they had, they would have quickly found just what worthy opponents they are. Ha
    Maybe we’ve just discovered an effective tool against the thugs.

  4. I don’t think the left cares about any of this. They think Google and their own cheating are going to hand them this election.

  5. Can barely string a coherent sentence together but they are way more intelligent than the idiot being a bigot.
    What is it about Progs and understanding the word illegal or unconstitutional?
    Tan hat, beaucoup dinky dau.

  6. To the guy in the tan hat: You said you didn’t know enough about what was going on. That’s the problem with liberals. You never bother to find out. You just regurgitate what you’ve been fed by the MSM.

  7. From slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK to Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky. Democrats learned how to mask their identity and keep their bigotry intact. Their goal is full blown totalitarian socialism teetering on New Wave Communism. It’s what they are. You can no more ask a fish to fly than ask a Democrat to change what they are.


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