Former AG Eric Holder Says Democrats Need to Understand That ‘Borders Mean Something’

Epoch Times:

Former attorney general Eric Holder defended the Obama administration against criticism over an immigration policy that saw thousands of deportations while warning 2020 Democrats that the United States needs borders.

“The emphasis there was on people who had criminal records, people who posed a danger, a public safety risk. Those are the people who we emphasized, you know, deporting,” Holder said during an interview with CNN’s David Axelrod, which was published on Sept. 14.

“Democrats have to understand that we do have to have—borders do mean something,” he added. read more

18 Comments on Former AG Eric Holder Says Democrats Need to Understand That ‘Borders Mean Something’

  1. Of course the only reason he is saying that is because it has been shown that Trump is not doing anything that Obama had not done, otherwise he would be condemning Trump.

  2. They’re all despicable but Holder holds a special place among the shiteaters he mingles with. I can barely stand the sight of the detestable slug. I look forward to his ruin.

  3. Hmmmm; presidential candidate? Trying to sound less radical.

    As most sane conservatives have, I’ve always suspected the whole clown show of candidates is a ploy. At the last minute they’ll nominate a “sane speaking commie” to swoop in and save the demoncrats.

  4. I mean well here: some of you good folks badly need to come to grips with the real meaning of the words ELITE, UNEQUAL, and UNTOUCHABLE. Toss the word NEVER in there, too. They all apply.

  5. All roads lead to Obama and that’s why nothing of substance ever comes of any of it.

    “President Obama was in on it from the get go. He was a charter member of the small group. And that is why nothing will ever come of it. Obama, for all his many faults, remains something of a third rail in American politics. And unfortunately, just like with Hillary, any attempt to prosecute the small group in DC will run into the problem that President Obama knew about and authorized the spying on national security grounds, even though we know it was political spying.”

    – Commenter (not me) at the Treehouse

    HRC, now fully out to pasture and more liability than asset, the Left MIGHT sacrifice, if they have to. Or smaller players who are expendable and forgettable.

    But Obama? America’s first black President accused, much less indicted, for conspiring to commit flat-out demonstrable treason?

    See above reference to “NEVER” and convince me I’m wrong.

  6. The border problem should have been fixed long ago, along with a sane immigration policy. There’s a long list of names that danced around with a can of band aids instead of the needed corrective surgery. The dance continues.

  7. Headline should read as “Disgraced ex-Attorney General Eric Holder, the only AG ever held in contempt by Congress and as head of Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac is responsible for the New Depression 2008-2016, says…”

  8. They have always known open borders is bad, they were only encouraging it to get an edge on the voting. When it begins to appear that their base is drifting away from them because of it is when they acting more reasoned.

  9. Holder was proven a criminal because of fast and furious gun border crossing deals. This done by the investigative House committee led by fraud Gowdy who never prosecuted any of Obama’s administration criminals.

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