Left vs. Fact: Rent Control Hurts Renters

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  1. South Korea: Health Care is price-controlled

    *There is no shortage of doctors.
    *There is no shortage of people wanting to become doctors.
    *There is vast medical tourism based on the low cost.
    *A bandaid from the nurse does not cost $9.
    *You can go to any doctor you want.
    *You can walk right in to a specialist’s clinic without a referral.
    *Everyone, except the homeless, can afford health care.

    SOME government price controls work.

  2. “*A bandaid from the nurse does not cost $9.”

    That’s cuz they don’t use dollars.
    And just because it doesn’t cost $9 doesn’t mean it’s cheaper – could be $15 worth of Won (exchange rate of $0.00085 to ₩1).

    May be a “standard of living” scale involved here – I know nothing of South Korea – but (having survived Nixon, Ford, and Carter (all of whom imposed Price Controls) I do know that Price Control doesn’t work.

    New York City’s homeless problems are directly related to rent “control.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Rent controls crippled the Toronto housing market for decades. Companies that used to build apartments either got out of the business or switched to the condo market leaving thousands without decent and available housing. Besides not building new apartments the owners were forced to lower the standard of maintenance on existing units. It came into force in 1979 by a Conservative Party minority government under pressure from the New Democratic Party (our version of a Sate Democrat Party). A smaller version of it remains in force today.


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