Burger King Puts Ad Pamphlets On Cars Visiting Dachau

I pray to God there was nothing about burgers being flame broiled.


The directors of the memorial site of the Dachau concentration camp in Germany filed a lawsuit against Burger King, claiming the fast-food chain distributed advertising leaflets to visitors. The memorial site claimed that they tried to persuade them to stop, but were unsuccessful.

Hundreds of thousands of people visit the concentration camp each year. More than 40,000 people were murdered there by Nazi Germany.

In a lawsuit filed by the site’s managers against the fast-food chain, it was claimed that its employees had entered a private parking lot where visitors to the site parked their cars. According to them, Burger King employees placed leaflets on the windows and doors of the cars. Since the lot is private, the site’s management is allowed to ban advertising in its vicinity.

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  1. I toured Dachau. I left glad that I saw it, but it was both distressing and depressing. Shame on Burger King. General Dwight Eisenhower insisted movie film and pictures be taken of all the atrocities in Germany. He said one day there will be people who will say it didn’t happen.

  2. Victor Frankl wrote “Man’s Search for Meaning” which chronicled his time in a German concentration camp. Depressing and uplifting and insightful. I recommend it. It’s sometimes hard to find a good book. That was definitely one.

  3. Sorry Sir Fur,

    Your “flame broiled” comment brought me to tears
    of laughter.

    Why isn’t there a watch over the parking lot or
    security cams?

  4. Burger King is owned by 3G Capital, a Brazilian investment company. As well Kraft, Heinz, Tim Hortons, Anheuser Busch, SAB Miller and soon Unilever.

  5. Will, I also visited Dachau many years ago. It was a spontaneous side trip during a tour of Germany. I still weep when I talk about my memories of it. Going for burgers afterward was the last thing on our minds when we left.

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