Seattle City Councilwoman Puts Pressure on the Seahawks To Hire Political Crony

Let’s frame this story correctly.

A politician has pressured a private company into making a hire because that person is in political allegiance with her party.

That sounds like it might violate the RICO act.

And isn’t this just like the left?

This ditz knows exactly NOTHING about football, but sends a letter to the Seahawks front office urging them to hire Colin Kaputnik because his politics meld with the Seattle community.

So what’s he supposed to do, throw a molotov cocktail downfield on 3rd and 18?

The left would hire a subpar dirtbag mop top before a proficient conservative because of reasons that have nothing to do with football. This is why the left is the inferior party and losers gravitate towards it. It’s a way to get a leg up when you’re below average.

Dumb bint. Dumb corrupt bint.


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23 Comments on Seattle City Councilwoman Puts Pressure on the Seahawks To Hire Political Crony

  1. I live in Seattle and this woman likely will not be re-elected. She is a socialist, but. trust me, you can’t get much more liberal than Seattle. She is on the City Council and the other 8 members don’t like her.

  2. She’s fucking Nuts….and she’s more crazy about Kaepernack ability to plat football….he can’t play at the NFL level anymore. Plus he’s an asshole….trust me on this…

  3. Dear Santa Claus, please hire colon kraptastic for the replacement of rudolf to pull you sleigh and blah blah blah, and Pppfft,Pppfft, Pppfft. Thanks you for you constipation in this matter. Pppfft! 🤙❄️🦄💩🤡 🤣

  4. Socialism fails when it runs out of other peoples money, or, in this case when the Seahawks become as crappy as the 49’s. Next: every NFL team gets a participation trophy at the end of the season, NO Superbowl.

  5. Kshama’s trying to tell an NFL team who to hire? That’s OFFENSIVE! I guess being a left collectivist means she believes she can tackle any task no matter how ill-equipped she is.

    Hmm. Offensive. Tackle. Hey, I’ve got a great idea, Kshama! Ask the Seahawks to let you start as an offensive tackle. The LEFT offensive tackle. Heh-heh-heh!

    Or maybe she’d be a better tight end…

  6. “Or maybe she’d be a better tight end”

    No man. These third world shit holes place a high value on virginity, but their Tight Ends are open for business. That’s a fact.

  7. Here’s what I pretend to know….said to me by a childhood friend who has spent 25 years in an NFL environment….check out his weight loss and muscle mass loss in the last year….He’s kinda dumb….he has a great arm but it’s inaccurate….he can run very well, but he’ll get broken….this could all be bullshit, but if you take into account his stance on standing for the National Anthem then you just know he’s stupid….

  8. She is now the Face Of Seattle.

    She even beats out the faggot mayor.

    I’ll wager that Chief Sealth, for whom Seattle is named, would not approve.

  9. @Willy, read something about he converted to Islam and the halal diet is causing the loss.
    What do you pretend to know about that?

  10. She was not born in this country, and she is representing those that would turn our home into a 3rd world shithole. Somebody needs to do something to stop this. Well, pretty soon it will start.

  11. If Kapornick (however u spell it) joins the team the atypical fair weather Seahawk fan won’t have to decide between being a #12Man (shoot me!) or being a dedicated SJW! He’ll be both. Think of the intellectual interviews the local news will have with opinionated fans. So much faux righteousness and upspeak! (Barf!)

  12. WHY! If the Seahawks are this stupid to bring Colin Kaputnik to Seattle to back up Russell Wilson at quarterback they’ll sign their own death warrant. He’s a bum, keep him the hell away from the Seahawks. What’s wrong with RG 3 as backup to Russell Wilson, he’d be a much better fit. And this woman is certifiably batshit crazy. Seattle, do yourself a favor get rid of her and Mayor Ed Murray and clean house of these leftist vermin.

  13. “he can run very well, but he’ll get broken”

    Well, I would pay to see that.

    But we’re talking a one-game season for him now, aren’t we?

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