Licensed Pilot Removes Transgender’s Testicles

I never thought I’d ever write that headline, but there it is.


Police say a man faces felony assault charges after he used an Army surgical kit to remove the testicles of a transgender woman.

According to court paperwork, James Pennington, 57, confessed to removing those testicles. Police called Pennington after the victim was taken to an area hospital. Pennington willingly agreed to a police interview on May 17, at the District 3 headquarters.

He has since been arrested and is being held without bond.

Records say during that interview, Pennington told investigators he agreed to perform the medical procedure at the victim’s apartment in Denver.

Detectives say the surgical kit contained a scalpel, lidocaine, medical dressings, and other medical equipment.

Records state Pennington “used the scalpel and surgically disconnected and removed the victim’s 2 testicles and then sutured the opening back up.”

The victim’s wife was with her during what was described in court paperwork as a 90-minute-long procedure. Pennington then told the couple to call 911 if complications developed.

The victim’s wife told police after changing her dressing, a large amount of blood poured out of the wound so she called 911. Responding paramedics called police.

The probable cause statement says, “the testicles could not be re-attached due to time delay of a procedure to 911 call.”

The victim was taken to Medical Center of Aurora, where they told detectives she suffered from injuries that had the risk of “permanent disfigurement.”

The victim’s name, along with the victim’s wife were redacted from the report.

Police say Pennington is not a licensed medical professional in Colorado. He is a licensed pilot.

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40 Comments on Licensed Pilot Removes Transgender’s Testicles

  1. I thought this was covered under Obamacare?

    Gotta love the PC brainwashed reporting:

    …he cut HER testicles off, while HER wife stood by…hospital unable to reattach HER testicles…

    Orwell warned us.

  2. “The victim suffered from injuries that the risk of permanent disfigurement”?!

    I would say that’s a bit of an understatement. A MAN getting his nards chopped off IS quite a “permanent disfigurement”, even though the mentally ill MAN chose to do so and had no medical reason for the choice.

  3. What do they mean, “she suffered from injuries that had the risk of permanent disfigurement”?

    Does he/she need a refill?

    I read about dog owners who had their male dogs fixed and requested that plastic testicles be inserted for cosmetic reasons.

  4. Detectives say the surgical kit contained a scalpel, lidocaine, medical dressings, and other medical equipment.

    I’ll bet there was some alcohol in that “kit” too.

  5. No sane male critter or human
    would ever want their cods popped
    out the sack and sliced off YEEOOOWWWW !!!!
    Shoot me first.

  6. @Radio, that’s the problem, you don’t just slice, you have to abrade, that frays and causes it to clot much better. A staple or stitch would be better, but then, this guy wasn’t a rocket surgeon.

  7. Hold the phone. I stopped reading when I got to the “woman’s testicles” part. Women don’t have testicles, at least in the literal sense.

    Maybe he should pay Katelyn Jenner a visit.

  8. I’m not getting the criminal part.
    Dude wanted “her” nads cut off.
    Other dude cut “her” nads off.
    Soooooooooooo ….. ?

    Is mental illness illegal in Colorado?

    I mean, all cultures are equal, and all that shit … right?

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. How’d they meet this guy? Longtime Deri king buddies? Craigslist? Local cuck/bull swinger’s club? LBGTQ Allies Meetup Picnic?

    They’re all consenting adults.
    The “victim” requested this “procedure”, while his/her Wife assisted.

    No money changed hands. The pilot did not pretend to be an actual Doctor.

    I’m guessing alcohol and drugs were involved.

    The untold back story on this must be a lot more interesting than the headlines.

    “Hold my beer, I got a surplus kit out in my car…”

  10. When I read this last night just before falling asleep I couldn’t think of a thing to say, you guys pretty much filled in the blanks.
    Just a couple of nuts, so to speak.

  11. “…after he used an Army surgical kit to remove the testicles of a transgender woman.”

    NO! He cut off a man’s testicles. Why are we humoring this insanity?

  12. IMO, they’re not really transsexual until the nads are gone. They’re gone now.
    He is now actually a little closer to being a she, or at least he’s no longer a he.

  13. Just wondering; Why bother to suture “the opening back up”? He should have just slapped a maxi pad on it for five or six days and called it done.

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