Former NFL Star Burgess Owens Stuns Congress With His Testimony On Reparations

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  1. I’ve seen Mr. Owens a number of times on FoxNews. A very smart and totally righteous dude!!! Tear ’em up, Burgess!!

  2. Democrats should have to pay the ‘Grim Reaper” for all the sins that they have and are yet still committing!

  3. This will start a new race war like nothing since the civil war. Absolutely infuriating. 90% of this country knows nothing about it. Wait till white people find out they not only have to subsidize illegals but oprah winfrey, al sharpton jesse jackson, and louise farrakan. too. Absurd beyond belief. EFF YOU!

  4. No democrat calling for reparations really wants them or believes in them….just one more way to keep the blacks on the Dumbocrat plantation by driving another wedge between them and the rest of the population (ie Obama)

  5. A leftist economist did a study on reparations a few years ago. He used the Forty Acres And A Mule yardstick, factored in inflation and discovered that if the combined total cost since 1964 of welfare, food stamps, public housing alone were compiled, it has repaid “reparations” to black Americans three times over.

    Then factor in Affirmative Action, minority set-asides and so on and you’re talking overkill on a huge scale.

    The Democrat Party is responsible for ALL racial problems in America today. They want to keep Americans apart and at each other’s throats.

  6. What’s the point?….Everybody that had slaves or was a slave is dead….I think the DNA search companies are sponsoring this. The blacks are gonna be surprised that they have a little hokey in them and their families came over after 1900…..

  7. “Ideologies don’t change, people do”

    SPOT ON – The Democrats OWN everything about slavery in America.

  8. Came across this neutral and nuanced headline in my Fake News Media thread

    (Some Magic POC) Gives Emotional testimony at Congressional Reparation Hearings

    I’d give you the link but it disappeared when I returned to the scene of the journalistic crime

  9. my next bumper sticker is gonna read,
    “How much is it gonna cost America to send your ungrateful ass back to your, obviously better, ancestral home?”

    this complainin’ gravy train ain’t never gonna end until these whiners get some tough love

  10. So give them 40 acres of rural property, a mule, and tell them to celebrate the freedom hundreds of thousands of whites gave their lives to get for them by making something of themselves.

  11. Progressives have destroyed the Black race. Example, Democrats have a TV show for Al Sharpton, a professorship for Cornel West, lies about Trayvon Martin, iconic praise for Jesse Jackson etc. etc….No recognition, unless it was to belittle, for Thomas Sowell, Alan Keyes, Condi Rice, Walter Williams Herman Cain, Tim Scott, Clarence Thomas (who the NYT said was illiterate and placed pubic hairs on cokes as a form of fun) , Allen West etc..The Left supports role models who vote Democrat no matter how flawed and has created a minstrel mentality for the Black….

  12. They are figuring it out. The truth will set them free.

    Democrats and Socialists can kiss our asses.

  13. If anyone thinks I am going to pay reparations to anyone for something that happened to someone 200 years ago, they can stick it up where the sun don’t shine.

  14. Mr. Owens is a very brave man for stating the obvious about the democrap party still being the party of slavery and all that has happened since the Civil war in how the democraps treat blacks.

  15. DAMN!!!! Did you hear that? I thought it was a sonic boom, turns out it was just the sound of Sheila Jackson Lee’s asshole puckering!

  16. I watched just enough of this sham to confirm how this would be run from the outset. Sho ‘nuff the unctuous churl that is Cohen, pandering to angry blacks who probably hate his guts more than normal white folk,
    allowed spirited applause after every righteous bro/sister speech, and did nothing to discourage boos and interruptions during Burgess and Coleman Hughes comments.

    Twas notable not even the pro reparations community associate themselves with the likes of Sharpton or
    Jesse Jackson.

    I believe the hrg closed with The Chain Gang Choir’s moving rendition of Swing Low Sweet Chariot.

  17. He really makes Obama, Waters, Jackson, etc… all look stupid.
    I would love to see Hillary & Bill PAY HIM to give a speech.

  18. Several observations: 1) since the Democrat Party passed & enforced the Jim Crow laws throughout the south and created the KKK the reparation fund should come from DNC coffers; 2) my wife’s family lost a cousin at the Battle of Gettysburg so they and all similar affected families should get the first cut from the reparation pie; and 3) the US Treasury should be reimbursed for the trillions of dollars spent on welfare, housing & affirmative action programs since 1964. Anything left after these disbursements can go to any currently living individuals held as slaves prior to 1865.

  19. Skipped forward to 20:30+/- and listened to Republican leader,
    I did, TY!
    Found it to be another portensive supporting excuse for his pocket lining well being.
    He just want to last out his term, truly missed the content of the speaker.

  20. Democrats stealing money from people who never owned slaves and giving it to people who never were slaves.

  21. I don’t have a problem with Dumbocrats paying their dues for the horrible crime of slavery which they supported.

  22. Reparations? Get them from your BROTHERS back in Africa who captured you and sold you to the Jewish slave traders…….. Like the OBAMAS
    Wearing COTTON is a reminder of slavery ….. no Black should ever wear cotton ….. or eat watermelon or ribs.
    The 1st legal slave owner in Colonial America was a black man named, Anthony Johnson, who owned a farm in Virginia with indentured servants black and white as his laborers. When their contracts expired he let the whites go but took the black man, John Casor, to court in 1654 to keep as his slave. He won in 1655 and that legalized slavery in the Colonies. slaves were legal and all owners were legal owners he was the first to use a court to declare an indentured a slave for life after his contract was fulfilled. Something to remember when assholes try to claim white slaves were only endetured servants. Which is bullshit to start with as Britain sold shitloads of Irish as straight slaves.(Karmela Harris’ ancestors were NOTORIOUS SLAVE OWNERS)
    You must buy and read the Nation of Islam’s book, “The Secret Relationship Between Black and Jews”. It outlines how the jews funded, managed and ran the North and South American slave trade. Every comment is backed by facts – ironically, mostly ALL from jewish sources. You can watch brief videos on Minister Louis Farrakhan. a good summation
    Jews were behind the Transatlantic Slave Trade… The names of Jewish Slave Ships and their owners: The “Abigail -Caracoa” – Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy, Jacob Crown, Isaac Levy, Nathan Simpson – “The Nassau” – Moses Levy The “Four Sisters” – Moses Levy The “Anne” and The “Eliza” – Justus Bosch and John Abrams The “Prudent Betty” – Henry Cruger and Jacob Phoenix The “Hester” – Mordeci and David Gomez The “Elizabeth” – Mordecai and David Gomez The “Antigua” – Nathan Marston and Abram Lyell The “Betsy” – Wm. De Woolf The “Polly” – James De Woolf The “White Horse” – Jan De Sweevts the “Expedition” – John and Jacob Roosevelt the “Charlotte” – Moses and Sam Levy – “The Franks” Jacob Franks Moses and Sam Levy Jacob Rader Marcus – “All through the eighteenth century, into the early nineteenth, Jews in the North were to own black servants; in the South, the few plantations owned by Jews were tilled with slave labor. In 1820, over 75 percent of all -Jewish- families in Charleston, Richmond, and Savannah owned slaves, employed as domestic servants; almost 40 percent of all -Jewish- householders in the United States owned one slave or more. There were no protests against slavery as such by Jews in the South, where they were always outnumbered at least 100 to 1….But very few Jews anywhere in the United States protested against chattel slavery on moral grounds.” United States Jewry, 1776-1985 (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1989), p. 586.

  23. Wonderful speech. Mr. Owens is brilliant and free. He knows reparations is a scam. The real purpose is kickbacks for progressive victimization causes and enslaving U.S. taxpayers to more government control. It has nothing to do with helping black American descendants of slaves – the end of slavery was their reparation.
    The best thing about this, is the socialist left can’t control black Americans who don’t or no longer have a slave mentality. It scares the left witless. Truth is powerful.

  24. The only reason for these reparations talk is that it is just another way for the Left to try and bankrupt the country. The US will become insolvent, the union to eventually break up, and states will band together and make their own nations that will be easier for foreign powers to take over.

  25. I am due pay as a result of affirmative action.
    When hired in 1977 for a maintenance position at The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, I scored 3rd on the Civil Service test.
    My Place on the hiring list was 6. I missed the next advancement test with not enough time in position. That same thing occurred with the next advancement where I placed 1 but my position on the list was 4.Next test had the same result 1 listed 4. All resulted in loss of opportunity that included money and work location.


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