Buttigieg Tells Us His Greatest Attribute For Being the President


I’d like to think it’s a sense of calm. Not that I don’t get fired up or passionate about things, but it takes a lot to get under my skin and I think for a job like the presidency you need to be able to stay as level as possible.

When asked what is the biggest challenge of the job of president, he said that he would regret losing his sense of normalcy at home.


Gay Jeb.

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  1. The world of big league politics has often — and reasonably — been referred to as the circus. That being the case, it’s appropriate that the roster for the DNC is, precisely, the circus sideshow.

  2. What’s a “sense of colon…”

    That;s what my mind said I read when I glanced at the lead in…

    Is this what homophobia is ?

  3. Hey stupid gringos! You vote for this maricon, he promises much free stuff to me and my cousins! Then maybe we come over and buttgig you, eh? Ees good, no?


    *molests a child*

  4. He’s running for high school class President. His favorite color is fuschia. His guilty pleasure is…you know.

  5. Anyone who acts like that usually gets caught with a lot of children’s shoes in the crawlspace under their house.

  6. Here’s Buttgigged “Biggest Accomplishment”.

    There was a man named Bastim
    Who never let any get past him
    He finally got plenty by taking on 20
    Which certainly ought to last him

    But it didn’t so he repeats the feat daily & that is his “Biggest Accomplishment”.

  7. Obola was calm and look what that got us for 8 long years
    * The New Depression, withe worst economy since Democrat Party Frank Roosevelt’s Great Depression
    *Most Corrupt Administration EVER
    *our civil liberties and rights trampled underfoot by the leftist Deep State
    *Benghazi and Libyan quagmire
    *isis junior varsity
    *Appeasement to Mohammedan
    *Other nations contempt for America
    *EObola pandemic
    *Massive illegal immigration

  8. His “greatest attribute” is a lie.

    Just listen to him talk for two minutes. Pete is the angriest guy running for President. It’s a deep, seething anger. Listen when he lashes out at Christians. Clearly he has an enormous chip on his shoulder and that deep-seated loathing is a driving force in his life.

  9. Let’s see now:

    Ask not what your country can do for you!
    Read my lips no new taxes
    If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor
    Mexico will pay for the wall
    We’ll have those (Africans) voting for us for hundreds of years!
    Eastern Europe is not dominated by the Soviet Union
    I cannot tell a lie I cut down the Cherry Tree!
    Four score and seven years ago!
    Islam is a religion of peace!
    Tear down that wall!
    This day will live in infamy


    I’d like to think it is a sense of calm-stay level as possible!

  10. You could park a Honda Goldwing in Obama’s ass – but you could park a Honda CRV in MINE!

    Come to think of it … I wish you would!

    And that’s why I’m a more better contender for President than, say, Beans O’Rourke – who can barely get a ax-handle in his – or at least that’s what I’ve been told – not only by Joey Biden, but by some others, as well.

  11. Before visiting the battleship Missouri, he was overheard saying: O’boy, 12 inch guns….they make me wet just thinking about them.

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