Scientists Break Ground In Use of Gene-Editing Tool


Scientists are reporting the first use of the gene-editing tool CRISPR to try to cure a patient’s HIV infection by providing blood cells that were altered to resist the AIDS virus.

 Wednesday’s report in the New England Journal of Medicine, by different Chinese researchers, is the first published account of using CRISPR to treat a disease in an adult, where the DNA changes are confined to that person. The attempt was successful in some ways but fell short of being an HIV cure, the AP reports.

Still, it shows that gene editing holds promise and seems precise and safe in this patient so far, said Dr. Carl June, a University of Pennsylvania genetics expert who wrote a commentary in the journal. “That’s really good for the field,” June said.


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  1. That’s not the only use for CRISPR. They’re hush hush about gene selection for “selective human” traits/characteristics.

    Mmmmm, remove male/female genders, no longer requiring conception the old fashioned way, CRISPR gene selection….I’m sensing a pattern here. And I certainly wouldn’t trust the Chinese…have you seen what they’ve done to cloned pigs to increase pork production?


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