By losing his marbles, Biden reveals his weakness

Patriot Retort:

I’m sure you saw the video of Joe Biden losing his marbles when an Iowa voter challenged him on his age and his son’s inexplicably charmed life.

While some in the media cheered this candidate for President getting defensive as hell and attacking a voter, I think Biden really hurt himself in this exchange.

And not just because he referred to the man as fat.

Biden revealed his greatest weakness.

Namely that he cannot endure being challenged.

Whether it’s a reporter asking him about Hunter’s Arkansas lovechild or this retired farmer questioning his fitness for office,  Joe is not prepared to tackle challenging questions.

Instead of facing the questions head-on, Joe loses his marbles and gets belligerent. And once Joe gets defensive and angry, what few guardrails he has to keep him from careening out of control disappear.

It’s his weakness.

And it’s one that is going to get exploited.

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  1. …Democrats are ALWAYS like this, and yet it takes MAXIMUM effort AND the direct intervention of the Lord to defeat them, for some reason.

    …at some point, it will become impossible to save the American electorate from itself since the race is ALWAYS the DEMOCRATS to lose, even with appalling candidates like Hillary, Gore, and Biden…

  2. a proper candidate would have used red, white and blue color schemes. Like a blue “J’, a white “O” and that red “E”

    Wasnt there a sargeant Malarkey on Band of Brothers?

  3. If you want or need just one perfect example of msNBC and reality distortion fields and it’s television scripted political operations in action, watch Brian Williams Dec 6th 11th hour segment with Rick Wilson.

    See them for who they have always been.

    Hi Billy Krystol.
    What’s in YOUR Wallet?
    A Hit Rap Record.
    You da man, william
    How’s that Bloomberg Sugar Water taste?
    Yea, sweet sweet money Bill.

  4. Remember back in the 92 campaign when Joe lost his cool at a reporter who challenged Joe on his law school ranking ? “I think I have a higher IQ than you.” The guy has always been an arrogant, belligerent dick.

  5. What’s that everyone on the left said when Trump first ran?
    “He’s got a temper, don’t let him near the nuclear codes…?”

    Joey Biden seems an awful more like a potential trigger happy vengeance type of guy to me…

  6. Maybe the rest of the Prog candidates will go easy on Joe at the next debate being as they’re seeing how easily he gets upset. Actually after seeing this episode, they’ll be on Joe like a pack of Hyenas going for the “Kill”, then feasting on it. Poor Joe will have to be removed from the stage in a straitjacket with his mouth gagged.

  7. Charlie Walksonwater, it was Don Malarkey, a native American from Nespelem, Wa. on the Colville Indian Reservation in Eastern Washington. I saw that recently on a documentary about the Band of Brothers on PBS.

  8. I worked in the House for 36 years.

    All but about 4 Members were complete and utter assholes.
    Mean, petty, abusive, sneering, condescending, prickly dickheads who were absolutely contemptuous of rules, regulations, fire codes, manners, civility, common sense, and the laws of gravity. More than a few were nasty drunks. One pissed in an elevator and another pissed in an ice-bucket outside his office door (so drunk he couldn’t manipulate his keys fast enough to use his private toilet).

    None of this implies anything about Joe in particular; but in general, they’re a cabal of demi-gods who believe DC is Olympus. Joe is just one out of many. Their arrogance and abuse of subordinates is profound and totally in character.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. Make JoeDon’tKnow do the pushups !

    Another red eye? Maybe that brain aneurism will finally spare us his nonsense!

    Give us ten, Joe!


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