CA: GOP congressional winner Young Kim’s sudden loss in the recount

AT: California congressional nominee Young Kim was hailed as the winner with about a three-point margin of victory over her Democratic opponent, Gil Cisneros on election night, with the Associated Press and others reporting 100% of the precincts counted. The Asian and immigrant presses celebrated, and Kim was pictured and seated with the congressional class of 2018 official portrait.

But then something funny happened: She apparently lost last night, as somehow, more votes were counted, and somehow, nearly all of them went for the Democrat, leaving him with a 3,020 surplus.

To her credit, she issued an angry warning a few days earlier:

She hasn’t said anything since.

She makes three good points: That the Cisneros campaign had been rebuked by a judge for ballot tampering and poll worker intimidation, which ought to trigger far more investigative attention than it’s gotten, because that’s the real thing as far as fraud goes.

Second, she points out that the additonal votes counted, which must be mail-in or provisional ballots that somehow didn’t get counted in the midterm aftermath, ought to be statistically similar to the votes that already were counted. She could be right on that, given that she had obvious majority support from the Asian-American community and among the homeowners and successful legal immigrants who made up her political base in Riverside and Orange counties. It was, after all, the congressional seat held by beloved GOP congressman Rep. Ed Royce, where she had been his top aide and had his hearty endorsement. And she had a very large lead on election night.

Third, she emphasizes that she wants ever legal ballot counted – which is an issue in this part of the world, given the numbers of illegal immigrants who are pressured into voting, given the 2% or 3% voter turnout seen in nearby areas, and the Sacramento machine is doing all it can to get more of them to vote, legally or not.  more here

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  1. I don’t think it’s over just yet. I think there’s investigations being conducted that will expose the blatant cheating that’s been occurring in CA for decades.

    Something tells me that Trump may still obtain the last laugh.

  2. This is what the demoncrats wish they could do across America – give a hint of legetimacy but than snatch proverbial victory from the jaws of defeat. It always seems like the mail-in, and provisional (where did this category come from) – isn’t a vote a vote?) always support the demoncrats.

    Elections have consequences and the demoncrats would have it be only their voice and ideology be it forever, amen.

    The great lies of homosexuality, global warming, abortion, racism, separation of church and state, and socialism demand only one party rule but I am still convinced a slim majority of America sees through these deceptions.

    We’re hearing the chant of raising taxes in the house even now.

    It is evil and deceptional and would continue our trip to hell as a country.

  3. These actions will continue until they become personally painful for the perpetrators. Permanently. Personally. Painful.

    But I repeat myself.

  4. If the GOP needed a test case to illustrate vote fraud it just landed in their lap with a ribbon around it.

    But they will just continue to make mud pies.

  5. From the article: “…reflecting the fact that Democrats tend to vote later than Republicans.” Yeah, a WEEK after Nov. 6!

  6. The Democrats pay lip-service to a semblance of a two-party system, but in reality, they want a one-party system with them in charge.

    The opposition should be so weak and splintered, that they have NO chance of ever winning anything. The Dems will keep claiming the fiction that they live in a democratic Republic; i.e. the optics of a two-party system, but the reality of a one-party system. And for the Dems, optics is everything.

    When no Repub candidates come forward to enter local or state races, knowing it to be a waste of time and effort, the Dems feign surprise. They blame the R’s for their lack of civic participation and lack of interest. Happens here all the time in Bloomington, IN.

  7. Is the DOJ going to do anything about election fraud? Honest, law abiding citizens are getting pretty fed up watch our country being stolen from us and being given to those that can’t understand the instruction manual for a spatula.

  8. The pattern here is simple. The Nazis are manipulating the mail in and provisional ballots. Mail ins are traditionally about 85% Republican. Mail ins are for voters in rural areas and older voters. Those demographics haven’t changed and they mirror that 85%. In less the Feds get involved, good luck getting this fixed. At the state level, the same people perpetrating the crime would be in charge of investigating it. It needs to be proven that Federal Voting laws have been broken. And that might take some time.

  9. My wife and I have been spending a good bit of time in Korea, after our son was deployed there. I have some advice for California after learning about these people, DON’T MESS WITH THEM. They don’t lay down and just take abuse.


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