CA school district mulls spending $800K on yoga program

EAG: ENCINITAS, Calif. – Encinitas Union School District officials plan to spend $800,000 to continue a controversial yoga program at local elementary schools, and parents are not happy about it.

“As beneficial as yoga might be, we must be wise stewards of these public funds,” parent Anne-Katherine Pingree told board members at a meeting last week. “I strongly believe there are better ways to use this $800,000 than earmarking it all for yoga.”

Pingree was among parents who addressed the school board over a proposal to spend $800,000 to continue the controversial yoga program that started in 2012 with grant funding from the Sonima Foundation. Parents sued the school district to stop the program in 2013, alleging that it incorporated religious Hindu teachings, but the district ultimately prevailed in court when the appeals process was exhausted last year, the Encinitas Advocate reports.  MORE here


SNIP: The article gives me an excuse to post this video [And the image up top]:

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