The Roads In America Are Paved With Gravy

The old expression, “the roads in America are paved with gold”, can be replaced with, “the doors in supermarkets are not wide enough to fit the people.”

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  1. Go on a Carnival cruise and you will see this everywhere! The crew fight over whose going to push fatso up the ramp–it take 2 pushing and 1 behind the two acting as a diesel engine. The entertainment is watching all this go down!

  2. Only in our decadent society are those below the poverty line obese…hey, if you have accumulated enough calories in fat to live for months on water alone…you aren’t in poverty according to the rest of the world. Move to the South Pacific and claim your king/queendom.

    No self-respect, no self-control, no excuse to look like that…I have family with clinical thyroid issues which lead to weight gain, and yet they get up well before dawn to work-out and watch what they eat because they know that they are fighting an uphill battle.

    Morbid obesity is a choice.

  3. So when the crash comes and some asshole country like North Korea invades, they think they’ll find starving weaklings, but are soon set upon by merely plump and extremely angry mobs of newly agile Americans and are divested of their food and stomped on, and possibly eaten.

  4. This is liberal compassion – anyone this morbidly obese has enough government benefits to sit on their ass (assuming they can sit), in some sort of air conditioned structure and pile in 30,000+ calories a day while watching cable TV. This didn’t happen when you couldn’t live off the benefits they gave you and you had some incentive to work and hence not enough time to consume enough calories to become subhuman.

  5. It was a trap. The entrance was wide enough for her to enter, but she could not escape. She has a good law suit.
    Better call Saul hon.

  6. She wiggled like a fucking slug. I seen slugs wiggle like that after they are hit with a string trimmer.

  7. It’s likely out of school but I”m “raising the flag” to see who salutes as it were….I love mud runs. I train for months for the privledge of paying money to suffer. My schedule this season includes Spartan Race (Hurricane Heat…which is a total suffer fest), Tough Mudder, Battle Frog, Red Bull 400 and some other assorted “fun”. I love the adage “I do today what most won’t, so I can do tomorrow what most can’t.”

    Guess what…it hurts, it sucks, it’s exactly the opposite of what I’d rather be doing….but it keeps me in shape, it prepares me for whatever may come my way, it is an example for my children, and it prepares my mind to follow through with the “never quit” adage that I preach to my children.

    I encourage all of you to go outside of what is comfortable…because with the society to come, you will be an outlier and a leader. Most will never do the uncomfortable today for the victory tomorrow.

  8. Brad, I salute back at you…I find the ability to voluntarily choose to do the uncomfortable for future results is an ingredient so missing in our teaching today (at all levels)…it’s the old adage about sacrifice. It’s stunning how many people are utterly unwilling to suffer today for victory tomorrow.

  9. Brian,
    Shit if I didn’t have one body part or another hurting I wouldn’t feel normal. “No Pain No Brains” origins are, stop thinking about it. Just show up. And the older you get the more important that is.

  10. I’ve seen people like this going up and down the snack/cookie/ice cream aisles in Wal-Mart using all of these scooters, when older Americans with real disabilities have to walk.

    It’s obscene.

  11. Who’s the chicken shit mother fcker, spineless, coward piece of shit that thumbs down my every comment. I hope you realize what a chicken shit piece of crap you are. If you got a beef with me bring it out in the open coward. Or man the fck up and say something intelligent. I’m pretty sure I know who the coward is.

  12. Uh no, Brad, it’s not. I was a Cruz supporter when he ran, and I didn’t thumb you down.
    Don’t broad brush people like that.

  13. MJA, I apologize for that post if you thought it included you. I didn’t mean it that way. I know you and others here are smart enough to vote for the greater good. But some coward is pissing me off. I mean really, man the fuck up.

  14. Oh, oh! I just TU your 11:37 comment and I didn’t see any TD. When I did the TU, the other two just appeared. Unless someone somewhere else did the TD at the same time.

  15. I went on a cruise with the wife a few years back, and I was amazed by the number of guests who had asses over three feet wide. To me, there is just no excuse for become that much of a fucking lard ass. I’m no skinny minnie myself, but I work out everyday and keep my tonnage well under 200 lbs, and I go 15 mile hikes every weekend. It’s just a waste of existence to let yourself get that huge. Unreal.

  16. Wasn’t the Scooter Store under some sort of investigation for colluding with Medicare? It seemed like for years that was every other commercial on every tee vee channel. Obesity is such a grave problem in the U.S. Now they even have to sell caskets that are double wides. I’m not kidding. This is where we got that marvel of interior design called “The chair and a half,” too.

  17. PJ

    That just means people were hitting the TU/TD in the time between you loading the page and you hitting a TU.

    That TU/TD was refreshed for a total count when you hit it.

  18. People as fat as that have to be miserable.
    But they are too lazy/weak/unmotivated to do something about it.
    And the “system” just enables them, as Anonymous noted.

    And who would be surprised if, as these behemoths continue to increase in number, they will change the building code to make doorways larger ??

  19. where do you get a shirt that goes that wide at the bottom? Is it custom fitted? What about the pants?

  20. @avgdude12: We just got back from an Alaskan cruise on Carnival. I won’t cruise that line again. I call it WalMart of the Seas. DH says “I wonder what disease that fat ass has?” I always remark back “It’s called fork to mouth disease.” About those scooters. When I see them coming I run the other way. Always take the stairs – they can’t ride up or down them! Yeeee Hawww! 🙂

  21. cmon – she just might be splurging after her payday from her exotic photo shoot for BBW magazine.
    srsly, what’s with you people, can’t a girl have some fun?

    she gotta get home to the kittehs

  22. Well kids, all your kind attitudes here demonstrated are why I cannot, though actually unable to walk much at all for real reasons, just ride a cart in the store. I am terrified some f…er is going to appear and take my picture. Yeah I’m a bit heavy, not like her at all.
    So, due to the “kindness of strangers” I cannot go into a store.

  23. Pboid — I do hope you know that I believe there is not one person here who would ever mock you or take your picture. This post is about people who could be, otherwise, ambulatory if they lost their morbid weight. Being a ‘bit heavy’ is not too big to fit through a 3′ door (ADA width requirements). I’m sorry you cannot walk. Don’t let peoples’ ignorance keep you out of stores, though.

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