Californians Don’t Want to Keep Paying for High-Speed Rail Project


A new poll suggests that only 31% of registered voters in California want to keep paying for the California High-Speed Rail project, the “bullet train” that Gov. Jerry Brown sees as a major legacy project to fight climate change.

The USC Dornsife / Los Angeles Times poll asked 835 respondents whether they supported or opposed the project, and found Californians were evenly divided — until they were told about the cost, at which point support crashed, according to the Times:

About 48% of the poll’s 835 respondents said that in general they strongly or somewhat support the project, while 43% oppose it. USC poll director Jill Darling said those are not strong numbers of support or opposition, given the poll’s margin of error of 4 percentage points.

But when asked in a second question whether they would stop the project, given that the cost has doubled to $77 billion and the schedule has stretched to 2033, just 31% said they would keep going and 49% said they would halt construction. A sizable 19% did not know what to do about the problems.

As with many issues, the project’s strongest proponents are residents of the liberal San Francisco Bay area.

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  1. “Californians Don’t Want to Keep Paying for High-Speed Rail Project”

    That doesn’t matter. The Libtards say we are required to.

  2. Junkies & illegals will ride it.
    Smuggle dope and poop between the seats.
    ALL ABOARD ! HELLBOUND #666 leaving right on time…

  3. MJA,

    Looking a that pic reminds me of the bad hombre trains on Thomas the Train Engine…although in the series ‘steamies’ good ‘diesels’ bad…

  4. After recently driving up through Commifornia on I-5 I’m convinced that the asshole known as Gov. Moonbeam needs to be referred to from now on as Gov. POTHOLE! That stupid commie POS has pissed away mega bucks that should have been spent on infrastructure on social programs instead.

    I would guess that more than 50% of the interstate traffic is directly related to the TRUCKING INDUSTRY!
    The wear and tear on the roadway is unreal and is directly transmitted to wear and tear on the vehicles that us it.

    Calif. needs a highspeed rail system like they need another asshole (like brown).

  5. You should see Jerry Browns Legacy Part Two. The Twin Tunnels. Totally stealing Northern California’s water and routing it right to SoCal. (Not to mention killing off an awesome fishery) Interesting shit. We now have Northern Cali Dems and Republicans banning together against SoCal Libtards. Stay tuned.

  6. But by 2033 United States dollars should be at parity with Zimbabwe dollars. So, at 77 billion US dollars, it’ll be practically free.

  7. Doc: you are correct, sir. After driving the stretch of I-5 north of Bakersfield last year, my 5th wheel now has bent axles thanks to the potholes.

  8. Tony R. Same here on I-5 from Bakersfield north to the border seemed the North bound was in worse shape than the South bound. I have several friends that I told they could say “I told you so!” They had cracked windshields in the motorhomes, tire damage, suspension damage, and so on. Hwy 99 is in much better condition.

    And don’t get me started on the price of GASOLINE in commifornia!

  9. Too bad for the Californians. Their elite rules have determined that the rail project must go on, so it will.

  10. There is major league fraud and political kickbacks in this project that will never carry one passenger, because it will never be completed.
    This is the equivalent of the movie “The Producers”.

  11. I have not met one person that thinks the Train should have even been started. To like this Train Project you have to either be profitting from it, or you first learned Politics and procedure from Obama.
    No one goes there !

  12. Hey, speak for yourselves. I can’t wait until, um, 2028, or whenever, to be able to take the super-speedy train from San Jose to some prison town in central California. I’d put it on my calendar, except it will probably be delayed. Probably until after I die. Of old age.

  13. 40 years ago I had a very good friend who was Chm of the Assembly Transportation Cmt. He and Gov Brown took $millions in bribe from the Japanese Govt. to build said train. Bruce spent part of the $ in America (Took his workers to Ha.) ended up in jail. Joann , his wife, divorced him.

    Brown wen to Japan to spend his $.

    I admit I am a bean counter – actually WAS- I do not understand the law. Bruce told me Jerry did not go to jail because he did not spend any of his bribe in America,,I dislike, and distrust lawyers – with IMHO good reason.

    Bruce was such a good friend that 40 years ago I nominated him for the board of my employer; and he was elected.

    I suspect that Jerry is again on the take and for that reason is pushing this sh*t. Have not seen Bruce since jail, this is my opinion.

    I wish your spell check were half a smart as it thinks it is! I do have a good command of AngloSaxon; Meina Duetch?

  14. I have a close friend who worked on some of the engineering for this project. He needed to pad his resume so he could get in on the Texas high speed rail. When my friend realized that this project was doomed he bailed as he didn’t want his professional reputation damaged by association.
    The project is divided among many engineering companies. The obstacles are daunting. Tunneling, subsidence, San Andres fault and CA politics to name a few.
    He predicts that the final costs will be over 200 BILLION. This alone will be another nail in the proverbial coffin. To continue this idiotic project is nothing save pure folly.

  15. Oh yeah…Californians are so eager to ride the rails from San Diego to Stockton.

    It’s slightly better than the original plan – San Bernardino to Stockton. That would be a fast train trip from California’s Armpit to its Anus.

  16. Moonbeam’s next project: submarine rail and highway link under the Pacific Ocean to China.

    When asked if China could potentially use it to invade mainland North America, Moonbeam said: “Rubbish, China is less of a danger to us than Switzerland”.


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