Can You Hear Them Now?

36,000 union workers walk out on Verizon.

Zero Hedge-

Starting early today, over 36,000 Verizon workers will go on strike after the firm failed – after 8 months of ‘negotiations’ – to meet two union’s demands (which merely includes controlling health care costs, protecting well-paying jobs and expanding the ranks of the workers who have them). The strike – one of the largest in years, according to NYTimes – will affect some consumers but Verizon has said that customers will be less impacted because it has trained thousands of non-union employees since last year to fill in for those who walk the picket line.


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  1. The union workers will never regain what they lose in a strike. Hell Verizon probably has 36,000 managers to take their place anyways. Oh and Verizon pays plenty of taxes. Bernie needs to keep his lies a little straighter.

  2. I went and looked at Verizon’s employment statistics and there are a total of 177,700 employees as of 2015. I think the union folks are in a poor bargaining position. Large corporations have no problem getting rid of high cost union employees and replacing them with 3rd world immigrants.

  3. Had Verizon years ago. Tech savvy daughter
    caught them overcharging by hundreds of dollars
    a month and screen shot their error for playback.
    The billing twitch said “Our computers is down
    but we know we’s right. Daughter said: You lose!
    popped the screen up and they were caught cheating.
    I wouldn’t have them if they gave it out for free.

  4. These workers are mostly in land line and cable services – two dying industries. Verizon may not replace these workers anyway. And if you listen to Bernie Sanders’ remarks, you should realize that Sanders and big government are a primary cause of this situation.

    Look, if you are pissed off about executive compensation or corporate greed, then the most effective remedy is to quit doing business with that company. Big corporations are not particularly worried about government action (they just pass the costs along to the consumer) or excessive regulation (actually, they like regulation because it creates barriers to entry for competitors), but they are scared of boycotts. Except for things like ObamaCare, the government cannot force individuals to frequent one company over another, and customers voting with their dollars is far more effective.

  5. CWA contributes NOTHING to Verizon.
    But Verizon is the life blood of the union maggots.

    Fire them. Or shut it down.

    Verizon’s master plan seems to be cellular, anyway.

    They could probably exist with 10% of their present workforce and do a better job. And where are the union maggots to go? They aren’t fit to do anything more than sit on their union asses and let that 10% do their work for them, anyway.

    izlamo delenda est …

    come to think of it …
    socializmo delenda est!

    (I don’t speak French, but you get the idea)

  6. Control Health Care costs? Right. Health care costs would be controlled if it were not for the c*ck sucking commies at Verizon who support everything left. Good people, company bad. WAY overcharge. Hate monopolies.

  7. I have Verizon cellular … and I have to drive up to the mailbox to get service. Not that that’s Verizon’s fault.

    izlamo delenda est …

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