Can you imagine?

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  1. Obama “set the table” for all we’re seeing now. He reinforced the worst ideas about our Nation in the minds of the those most receptive and vulnerable to hearing them. Recall how we had to hear about Michelle being “mistaken for the help” as she was asked to retrieve something for a shorter woman. And Barack was mistaken for the Valet Attendant once. Yes, Racism was presented as the only explanation possible for these encounters.

  2. Jimmie Carter was just stupid, Obama was slimy, underhanded, treacherous, vindictive, and appallingly self absorbed and stupid. No monuments needed to remind us of his latest offering from the democrats, the despair is all around us.

  3. If the Main Stream Media in this country was not corrupt to the core, this guy would never have been elected, let alone being seen without an orange jump suit. The left completely ignored the gay Kenyan commie’s weekly felonies then goes apoplectic trying to take Trump down because Trump’s socks don’t match.

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