Care To Rephrase That?

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  1. ‘profoundly wholesome’ is a style that is absolutely alien to a disgusting homunculus like Stephalickcoccus

  2. Georgie has been living his little girl life dressed up as a heterosexual adult male for quite some time now.

  3. Was it here at the IOTWReport that I saw a picture of this guy behind his desk with his short little legs not reaching the floor (surrounded by women whose feet touched the floor). Then they put up a “modesty panel” in front of the desk so you couldn’t see his itty bitty short legs dangling down.

  4. The funny thing is, an 11-year-old girl would still be able to dunk over him. He’s no danger to anyone, beyond putting bad thoughts into the pedophile left.

  5. AA. No matter where you saw it, it’s true. I’d say his legs were about six inches off the floor. He’s a funny lookin’ little fella, but a real scummer.

  6. Her brother is the one who faked being black to get into medical school! His first name is Vijay Choka-Lingam and it was in the news a while back though it happened in 2015. Why do I remember stuff like that??

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