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  1. No. Seriously. Zoom in. There’s a fly on this unwashed Democrat’s neck. I realize ‘Unwashed democrat’ is redundant.

  2. “This isn’t the depth of her depravities … at night … she comes into the dog bed … and … and … I’m sorry, it sickens me.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. “She made us vote for Biden! Or, at least, that’s how she sent in our absentee ballots. She claims us as dependents on her taxes, too!”

  4. More an observation than a caption;
    Given the puerility of hauling around one’s dogs in a stroller, the masks are a natural progression.

  5. Boy Dog (in dogspeak): I can’t hardly breath with this mask on. I feel the way George Floyd must have felt. She’s such a stupid liberal bitch – I mean our human, not you.

    I can’t hardly breathe either. What can we do?

    Boy Dog: When we get back home, let’s pee on her leg.

    Girl Dog: How about we leave a fragrant memento on her dining room floor?

    Boy Dog: Let’s do both.

    Girl Dog: Let’s do it right here in Wal Mart. They’ll never let her back in.

    Boy Dog: Do It? You mean have sex right here in Wal Mart?

    Girl Dog: Now that you mention it, why not?

    Boy Dog: After sex, we could both throw up as well.

    Girl Dog: I do that every time anyway. And growl and bite little kids.

    Boy Dog: Better not bite anyone – she could take us back to pound for that.

    Girl Dog: OK. Lets just build up a lot of saliva and slobber all over the Manager’s shoes.

    Boy Dog: Good idea. They’ll never let her back here in a million years.

  6. Quite honestly, that image is so disturbing that it’s difficult to come up with a caption.

    Lock her up. Comes to mind.

    This is a mental patient. Truly bat shit crazy.

  7. Brad September 17, 2021 at 3:21 pm

    Usually people this stupid own cats. And lots of them.

    And they’re flaming nasty liberals as well.

  8. Confusius says…
    Show me a person who says their dog are their best friends and I will show you a dog with person for a problem.

  9. About 2 years ago Jennifer and I almost literally ran into an elderly gentleman, in Wallyworld, who had a wee dachshund wearing a mask in his cart.

    It was cute, and humorous back then. We took it as he was making fun of masks. He may have been a crank, too, but he was jolly when everybody who saw the little dog with the mask became jolly.

    Now it’s sickening. One thing about kungflu is that we now know all the cranks and nazis. Even in a place like rural MO, where we assumed there were no cranks or nazis. Cranks are everywhere. They may even be in your family.

  10. My dog, Buster, a weiner and pom, would rip my hand off if I tried to put a mask on him. I wouldn’t blame him. Buster don’t take no shit.


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