Cardinals Pitching Great, Bob Gibson, Hospitalized with Pancreatic Cancer

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

(Bob) Gibson, 83, was diagnosed with cancer several weeks ago, said his longtime agent, Dick Zitzmann. Gibson has visited Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and has been hospitalized in his hometown of Omaha, Neb., for the past two weeks although he his hopeful of being released early this week. Zitzmann, after speaking to Gibson, said that chemotherapy is likely to begin on Monday in Omaha. “All we do now is pray. We all know what a competitor he is,” said Zitzmann. More

I could give you his Hall of Fame stats or review his Cy Young winning year of 1968, but I’d rather tell you about how intimidating Gibson was when he took the mound. So much so that MLB decided to lower the mound in 1969. Here 

What I don’t want to talk about is the prognosis for pancreatic cancer, it’s just too grim.

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  1. I’m fighting my own cancer battle now [not pancreatic, though]. I’ve had to do two surgeries and rounds of chemo including one that lasted 11 months. Good luck Bob I hope you beat the odds and come through this okay.

    Growing old ain’t for wimps.

  2. One of my favorite baseball quotes: from Mike Shannon (Bob Gibson’s catcher for many years. “Bob Gibson is the luckiest pitcher in the majors. Every time he pitches, its on a day when the other team can’t hit.”

  3. 1968, that’s also the year Denny McLain won 31 games for the Tigers. I lived in the Detroit area in those days. The pitchers were in charge back then.

  4. A fantastic player who’s from a bygone era when I could still follow and enjoy sports without the players personal antics souring my love for the game.

  5. Mickey Lolich that year pitched two complete games in the world series. Game 7 after only a two day rest. Very underrated pitcher whom doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

  6. Not a peep about Tyler Skaggs. Nothing about the Angels all wearing his jersey number at their home game. Nothing about his grieving mom throwing a perfect strike for the first pitch, the emotional 13 zip blow out over Seattle, the moving ceremony at the end where they covered the mound with their jerseys…..


  7. Seattle sucking is the reason I’m rooting for the Dodgers this year. My Manures hat will sit idle until they quit stinking which may be forever and my Dodgers hat which I got for Father’s Day rules on my head right now. If the Manures keep this up we may lose them to another city like when the Sonics went to OKC, no thanks to Howard Schulz.

  8. Sorta no hitter. I mean they had 2 guys on the mound….

    The point is, 13 to nothing. The Mariners didn’t cry about it and the Angels didn’t pretend to sip fucking tea in celebration.

    But yeah….erry body hates Seattle.

  9. Harry Reid also has pancreatic cancer, and he’s still hanging in there despite the run in he had with his over the shower door exercise equipment. I think the truth came out that his brother beat the crap out of him.

  10. TheRealTruthSerum, may God bless you and give you strength. I’ll pray for you.

    Ah, joe6pak and Different Tim, I’m reliving my youth! Denny McLain and Mickey Lolich. My dad had to be the biggest Tigers fan ever. My love of baseball came from Dad and that was a magical year!

  11. The old timers brought a real meaning to a high hard one inside. The new kids can not take it.
    There would be gun play today.
    Most of the youngsters are punks.
    Its all on the owners. Pussies they are.

  12. Claudia, we were in Detroit for the Ice Capades the night that the Tigers won the pennant in 68. Remember, 67 was the year of the riots, anyway it was a wild night in Detroit and my mom was scared until she got us home. Those were turbulent years in Detroit.

  13. joe6pak, I know. The riots took a while to get to my hometown (2 hours from Detroit). The last two years of High School were pretty rough. We had police patrolling the halls. I never went to my locker in the ‘bad’ part of the school without walking with the star football player – 6’5″ and huge.

  14. Old style baseball was good stuff. Sure, the pitcher’s double pumps and windmill windups were a waste of energy and had to go. But the socks and pants were great. They didn’t scrape the bottom of their pants on the ground and get them dirty. Look at Gibson’s uniform. Perfect. The socks added something…color. now unfortunately disappeared from baseball.


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