This ride is not so amusing


2 dead, 29 injured in Kankaria ride crash.

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  1. If this is an example of their engineering skills do we need to import them for our high tech?

  2. Don’t forget, Boeing outsourced a lot of engineering on the 737 MAX 8 to Indian engineers. They only cost $9 per hour. What could go wrong.

  3. And just think, we import their engineers because we supposedly don’t have enough qualified ones.

  4. The injured and dead are all within the ages of 16 to 26, three are critical.

    The two who died are 22 and 24.

    Wouldn’t wish this on anyone, they were just out to enjoy the day.

  5. I don’t need to pay money to get the crap scared out of me, I can already do that for free by observing liberal policies.

  6. Simple statics, dynamics and mechanics calculations would easily show that is the point of highest stress – smallest cross section with a sharp geometry transition.
    Never do that!

  7. slenderness ratio, radius of gyration and fatigue beat Mohr’s circle.
    ‘you can’t push a rope’

    But, not to worry- the park and that ride are back in business already, and to encourage patrons, all the rides are going to be half off.

  8. @toby miles
    You said “Mohr’s circle”!
    I remember doing those calculations when designing shafts when I was much younger.
    Mention Mohr’s circle to a newly graduated ME and they give a vacant stare. Everything is done by computers now.

  9. joe6pak July 15, 2019 at 4:23 pm

    Don’t forget, Boeing outsourced a lot of engineering on the 737 MAX 8 to Indian engineers. They only cost $9 per hour. What could go wrong.

    Don’t forget that Disney fired Americans and hired East Indians to replace them at a cheaper cost. Disney employees even had to train their replacements – if they didn’t no severance package for them. Screw Disney!

  10. @Jethro: “Everything is done by computers now.”
    I had to learn all that stuff with only a calculator, and the school I went to also used Popov’s negative sign convention. I was CE, water resources. Ask a current student to figure a square root with paper and pencil, or, if you really want to punch their buttons, ask them, if they’re so smart, why manhole covers are round.

  11. Yeah, that’s about par for some of the “foreign” engineers I’ve had to work with over the years, and like Jethro says the more work the computer does the less brain power required. It’s like using spell check for a word you don’t understand!

  12. can’t tell, just yet.
    what do you think?

    it is one of the 3 three things I was told one had to understand to be a civil engineer.
    1) F=MA
    2) You can’t push a rope
    3) Manhole covers are round

  13. OK- they’re round so they can’t fall in the hole and kill the man inside. No matter how you turn or place them, they won’t go in the hole. A square or rectangular cover will go through the opening, but a round one- never. It is the safety component of the CE educatshun.


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