Carl Hardee Sr. Returns to Put an End To Carl’s “Slutburgers” – IOTW Report

Carl Hardee Sr. Returns to Put an End To Carl’s “Slutburgers”

Creative commercial. But I like the sluts.


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  1. Carl’s Jr. Big Chicken sandwich is a decent substitute for a Chick-Fil-A. I’m only saying that because driving to Chick-Fil-A is a hike from my house but Carl’s Jr is in town.

    And- 2 thumbs up for Deacon!
    Any Nashville fans out there?

  2. I’m not in their region so I’ve never seen or been in one.
    In n’ Out is another brand name I know only from movies set in SoCal.

  3. “But I like the sluts.
    But you can’t EAT sluts as cheap as a Hardee’s burger!
    (no protection required, either… 😉 )

  4. Sluts are getting a bad name. They have been known to perform a valuable service. Not that I would know, I’ve just heard.

  5. In-n-Out hasn’t changes since 1948.

    The French fry tray says they only use trans fat free vegetable oil. Just what is a trans fat, a carb that self-identifies as a fat?

  6. That Frisco Burger is the closest thing to …

    I prefer Hardee’s but Wendy’s always has better service and costs just a little less (Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger is the best integrated flavor there is!)

    Five guys rock with what I call the “gue” burger just drippin!

  7. Best jalapeño cheeseburger I EVA had was at a Hardee’s in a central Western state about seven years ago. Can’t remember what state we were trippin through, but darn that cheeseburger hooked into my tastebuds. Now it’s back in my head.

  8. I worked at Carl’s when I was in high school, man we had the best closing parties on Friday nights. And the beach parties with all the fixings with booze and girls we’re a blur, but I know we had some great times. Good times for sure. The food is pretty good too. HELLO!

  9. But, but I’ve liked boobs ever since I was a little baby.
    The Hardee’s ten piece chicken tenders is pretty awesome.

  10. Local Hardee’s 1969

    Cheese Burger, fries, coke, and an apple pie – $1.05 after tax.

    Considering I got $2 for mowing the lawn, $1 for edging and $2 for trimming the hedges. No weed eater – a manual rolling contraption to edge with – UGH! No blower, just a broom. Took a couple of hours Sat. morning. Blisters every time.

    I didn’t think it was all that cheap at the time, but still a good deal.

  11. 10 seconds of sluts in a 3 min commercial makes you horny? Sheesh! And the ugly shirtless black dude doesn’t kill your buzz?

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