iOTWreport PSA: Smoking Can Kill You– in many ways – IOTW Report

iOTWreport PSA: Smoking Can Kill You– in many ways

This video is brutal.

Snowflake warning: This may turn you into a moderate because you can’t believe conservatives would be so heartless to post such a thing.  (If you’re confused by this disclaimer, ask in the comments and a regular will explain what it’s all about.)

ht/ bad brad

Here is the entire story –>

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  1. Won’t even rate an honorable mention in this year’s Darwin Awards……the guy lived to breed another day.

  2. …and THAT’S why Iran deserves to be called a Third World Shithole!

  3. I have a stinking suspicion that first guy was the owner of that property who was sick of dumbasses dropping cigarettes down that hole. The powder was gunpowder. The explosion was more than he anticipated.

  4. “…confused by this disclaimer, ask in the comments and a regular will explain what it’s all about.”
    OK. Asking…
    Tell me a story…
    What Is It All About?

  5. That’s calcium carbide. Not like C-4 cutting tool grade carbide. I’m thinking it didn’t have anything to do with what that guy kicked in the hole. I bet it was methane.

  6. What’s it all about Alfie?

    Okay, I’ll tell ya.
    We had a longtime reader leave after I posted a convicted felon jumping off a 4th floor balcony in a courthouse, to his death.
    They said they were finally convinced conservatives were heartless mfers and now they have tacked to being a moderate.

  7. OK, here’s the deal and why I found this so dang funny. What the hell is this goof ball thinking as he’s crawling away. “Oh Shit, Navy Seals”. Or “Fuck Me”. I’m going with Fuck Me. But now I’m feeling this may be just to cruel. Maybe I should adopt a more moderate position. Maybe IOTW has it wrong. Fuck that I’ll shoot this ass hole in the face. Keep doing what your doing BFH. We are at war.

  8. @VV Followed your link at the time, ty & bravo zulu. Just RHIP.

    BFH Double Nuts Rocket One mandatory RIO reply.

  9. That is H2S, hydrogen sulfide. Comes off
    of raw sewage and builds in the sewers.
    If you walk the streets in some Korean
    cities, the sewers are underneath the sidewalks
    also and it literally stinks like shit.

    Hilarious video!

  10. OK, IOTWr, because of that video, you just turned me into a bleading heart(less) liberal. I’ve had it! -sarc-

  11. FOTF left? Well, I’ll miss him but….I’ll paraphrase Capt Marko Ramius in Hunt For The Red October.
    “He jumped to his death while trying to escape? The criminal acted stupidly (and deserved what he got), Ryan”

  12. @Vietvet
    EN: rocket one NL: de commandant
    EN: double nuts NL: de commandants vogel #00 or #100
    EN: RIO NL: de hintersitzer

  13. @Alfie Tango Foxtrot: Well, THAT really cleared things up.

    Currently decoding your reply:

    EN = Well (Dutch)
    de commandant = the commander
    de commandants vogel = the commander’s bird
    #00 or #100 (unknown)
    de hintersitzer = the downstairs

    How am I doing so far?

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