Cat Takes A Milk Bath

Incredible animal friendships: Cat & cow share special bond.

11 Comments on Cat Takes A Milk Bath

  1. You can see some of the most unusual animal interactions when the craving for food is removed from the equation.

  2. ^$&*#*% it MJA. I will never get that out of my head. Honestly, I do not know why I would want that out of my head. I can see my cat reacting just like that, but I do not have cows.

  3. Absolutely!

    Either animals have some sort of soul…there is…Something…no one on earth understands, how just a few organic molecules can “evolve” over millions of years to produce this video here.

    THANK YOU, for this!

    I Guess…we are not allowed…owing to our demeanor as humans.

  4. I gave my cat a bath yesterday. She loved it. Getting all those hairs off my tongue was a pain in the ass, though.


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