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The Left Seems To Think Children Knifing Each Other Is Perfectly Normal

Tucker Carlson made a mockery of numerous leftist last night in his opening monologue recounting the various calls for the police not to interfere when children attack each other with knifes. Watch

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  1. Brings me back to that song lyric by our old-timer-cherished Major Lance…”Monkey Time”

    Do the Monkey…Yeah! (the monkey time)
    Do the Monkey…Yeah! (the monkey time)

    BTW… Boat’s leaving for Africa for ours and the Major’s second Generation consisting of those who hate Americans and whites.

  2. The only black lives that matter are the ones killed while committing crimes. The girls in pink could have been stabbed to death and the race hustlers would have been cool with it, just as they are cool with the hundreds of blacks murdered in Chicago every year.

  3. Maybe one day a motherly 300 lb black 16 year old will come trampling down her foster parents driveway normalizing an AR.

  4. The first thing my mind went to when I saw this story was the teaching from one Barack Obama- bring a gun to a knife fight. Just think how many lives he’s saved.

  5. Sorry, but no equivalence between that culture and mine. Why in world should I want to see anyone emulate black [thug] culture?

    Liberia, ho!

  6. The stats are not going unnoticed by the #WalkAway and #Blexit blacks. And, as amazing as it seems, even predominately black churches are undergoing reform. People — all kinds of people — are fed up with this stuff.

  7. Democrats are cool with knives, but aren’t cool with firearms.

    Hmm,.. How bout a few hundred archers just for kicks and giggles..

    Clout shooting broad-head style..

  8. @LBS
    Very good point.
    I’ll go one further right from their own Credo:

    Guns = Bad
    Knife fight = Normal Healthy Behavior
    Misgendering = Cancel Offense
    Silence = Violence
    Walking away = Negligent
    Burning down Businesses = legitimate protest
    Carjacking with result Homicide = Youthful mistake
    KFC/Popeye’s = Critical infrastructure
    Mutating Virus jumps species gains function rapidly = natural evolution

    US Constitution = Just a Rough Guideline

    Got it!

  9. I am drunk now. Will find an appropriate time to explain my passion (and history) attributed to Americans, which will go something like this{

    Thanks, AMERICANS…I have seen you, worked with you, and Love you.

    More Later.

  10. I was talking to a friend about my hairstylist saying the officer should have deescalated the situation first. If that didn’t work then hit knife girl with a billy club…

    His response was, “ Sure. Every city manager and police chief wants a video of a police officer beating a girl with a club. Great optics.”

  11. Illustr8r, do they even carry life-preservers any more?

    I haven’t seen the police carry those in some years.

  12. @Erik Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe she’s thinking of Bobbys in England. 🤷‍♀️ I know my father in law had a big flashlight so that might work, same result, same bad optics!

  13. Let’s arm the police with trebuchets.
    By the time they load it and hoist the weight……the problem will have probably ended.

    Modern problems require modern solutions…

  14. Yeah, I think even the big D cell flashlights went away with LEDs and stuff like 123 batteries.

    With the advent of tasers the old school head knockers went away.

    But I think that’s a terrible mistake.

    But I’m not nor ever was law enforcement. You would, I would think, beat unarmed people with a life-preserver, and/or taser them depending on distance. You shoot armed people.

    But again, I’m talking nonsense. I was a telephone man — I neither had to shoot nor beat anyone.

  15. You NEVER close on a person with a knife. You aren’t going to close on an adrenaline pumped person flailing wildly with a blade, baton or no baton. This isn’t Hollywood. You need to stop the immediate harm.

    The gun was the correct answer to stop the harm.

  16. @ RadioMattM APRIL 23, 2021 AT 8:23 PM

    The rules, as far as I understand them, is to blame the cops no matter what.

    So Pinky gets stabbed and dies from his inaction – he gets reamed for not preventing it.

    It’s lose-lose no matter what happens as long as a cop is involved.

    We’re just looking at the insanity of when he does the right thing and still pays the price.

    It’ll be just as insane when the cop lets a stabbing happen right in front of him.

    I say cops take a 2 month vacay and let’s talk about what the right thing to do is after that.

  17. First a race war, then a class war….

    Commie all the way, but I failed public high school.

    I’m the dumb shit..

  18. The would-be stabber screwed up the narrative for good so they have no choice. God please eradicate the left. They hate you anyway.

  19. As a child I was chased by another child with a knife. I was being a dick (A Punk). Didn’t warrant a kitchen chopper running out of the house at the hands of another kid on the other end willing to stick it in me either..We weren’t even in Junior high school yet…Mom’s go all panic. No help….

    It was resolved. No cops involved. We are best friends today.

  20. Negroes kill more negroes EVERY SINGLE YEAR than the KKK did OVER ITS ENTIRE EXISTENCE.
    But who’s the bugbear?
    People are fukkin stupid (I don’t really know if they’re stupid or just too fukkin lazy to do the research), and DEMAND to be lied to.
    So long as the lies fit their prejudices.

    izlamo delenda est …

  21. I’m kinda’ left wondering what the girl in pink must think of how her own people are handling this, considering how close she came to being stuck and no one seems to give a shit about ANY of that!!!

  22. Q. What’s the difference between Saint Patrick’s Day and Martin Luther King Day?

    A. On Saint Patrick’s Day everyone wants to be Irish.

  23. I’m amazed at the amount of people that don’t realize that we are in a war. This war doesn’t look much like the last war or any other war we have been in. The enemy has used big tech and media, government education, government in general, judges, senators and congress to fight us. The take down of America was planned worldwide. If they get us the rest of the world falls.
    It doesn’t seem to matter how rich or how poor, how smart or how dumb you are, people just don’t get it yet.
    We outnumber the enemy vastly. The question is is when will we wake up?
    I’m in construction, I was talking to my boss the other day and asked him what was going to happen in the industry the way the lumber prices are going. 1/2″ OSB plywood/chipboard has gone from about $7 bucks in less than a year ago to over $50. And if we would have a job months from now? He thought the government needed to intervene. These guys play by every rule the government shoves at them no matter what. Every time the government does something it makes it worse, but here these smart guys are relying on the government to fix this. There is only one reason lumber prices are where they are, the Giant four lumber mills have colluded with each other to raise prices. Nobody else has done this in the industry connected to lumber.
    The dead girl is a product of government education and the enemy’s propaganda just like tens of thousands of others that would stick a knife in you or me for something as simple as running out of chicken McNuggets or some nonexistent perceived disrespect. I’m not going down easily. Not wanting a fight, so I stay out of enemy territory as much as possible.
    We will win in the end, but this sucks as war always does.


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