CBS Shoots video to make Steve Bannon into a bleary-eyed drunk

11 Comments on CBS Shoots video to make Steve Bannon into a bleary-eyed drunk

  1. I think they recorded it like that to make him look like a sith emperor out of star wars. The coloring shading was too perfect.

  2. Charlie Rose tried to make it sound like DJT and we the real people out here need the “mainstream” media to interpret news for us.

    The day I need an arrogant pos like that to be my eyes and ears is the day they pry my nationalism, patriotism, and faith out of my cold, dead brain!

  3. Steve Bannon has always looked like a disheveled dipsomaniac, except for the photos I’ve seen of him in his Naval uniform. I don’t believe he particularly cares what the Leftist or the Moderates think about his appearance on MSDM television shows. I liked what he said about the last thirty years of failed policies starting with the first Bush Administration. At least he didn’t come across as a shill for the Lost Cause of the Enevitable One like Charlie Rose did.

  4. No liberal show will give you a break. This is why DJT won the election! He did not bend to the liberal narrative but out-maneuvered them. In my life I have never seen any liberal show do a balanced interview with anyone of the right! Finally we are seeing people rebel and stop patronizing what these people are doing. Let Hollywood sink into the pacific ocean and disappear!

  5. I watched the full hour on the Charlie Rose show last night.
    Even that was highly edited.

    I thought Bannon did a good job with one exception.
    He was adamant that Trump would win the entire time.
    That is delusional.
    He also said on election day Donald Trump was sure he would win.
    That is simply not true.
    Why can’t any mother-fucker on this planet just be honest?
    On election day Trump was interviewed several times.
    In the afternoon on Hannity’s & Savage’s radio shows.
    I listened, Trump was very reserved and you could tell totally uncertain.
    Rush was very reserved.
    Hell, until 9:00 PM, EVERYONE had Hillary winning.

  6. I don’t care if Steve Bannon is a raging drunk or not. The man makes sense and he knows what he is doing.

    Chuckie Rose can go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut.

  7. Chuckie A. H. Rose did an excellent impersonation of a low grade moron. Apologies to any real mentally disturbed person.

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