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You need a permit, no?

Berkeley police take unlicensed vendor’s money away in civil forfeiture and hands him a ticket.

Comments are all over the map.

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  1. I think they should start seizing the phones of people too stupid to turn them sideways when filming robberies. Damn people, glocks up-iphone sideways.

  2. This basically makes the Cops glorified Tax Collectors.
    Since they let antifa run wild I guess that’s all they’re good for.

    Have a nuther donut lady and don’t fergit to check the kid’s lemonaid stand and the parking meters dahlings!

  3. Do they take panhandler’s cash away too? There’s tons of em in LA ‘cleaning’ windshields when the traffic is at a stop, and people hand them money, and food through windows. What about the dudes on the freeway offramps *illegals, of course* selling oranges and shrimp? Yeah, shrimp. Under the hot sun and near car exhaust!

  4. I fully understand and I am all for giving the guy a fat ticket for not having a permit. But taking his cash is wrong. He did not rob anyone.

    This is what broke governments do to grab money for petty crimes.

  5. Capitalism, free enterprise and entrepreneurship are foreign concepts to these people. This country will not survive if these Marxists aren’t destroyed.

  6. Communities, state and the Federal governments have used Registered Associations, Unions, Registrations, licenses and permits as a form of revenue enhancement (Taxes) and to protect those who buy the permits, licenses, join associations and Unions from competition. It’s a paid protection racket fostered by government.
    If he had been selling tomatoes out of his garden, the result would have been the same.

    Free enterprise is not free until you register, pay your fees and taxes to socialistic government entities. Because everything you do to make a living the government wants their share upfront and after the point of sale, in taxes.

  7. Bongo – you hit it! Cop should pull the night stick tell the dumbass with the phone – “film in portrait bitch or you get one across the head”

  8. Civil asset forfeiture happens all the time in Illinois.

    Cops need only suspect you of a crime to take whatever they want from you and hold you in jail. The owner of the property must then use his or her resources to prove in court the property wasn’t related to criminal activity.

    Guilty until proven innocent. It’s the way of the land of Lincoln. States need to take steps to reform their civil asset forfeiture laws. If your state doesn’t, they are fine with asset forfeiture laws that were expanded across the country in the 1980s and obviously think of you as a major drug dealer or some other illegal entity; certainly not a law abiding citizen.

  9. Let me see…Selling without proper documentation is illegal in California and subject to forfieture and a citation.
    YET, being in California without proper documentation (illegally) is perfectly fine and may actually be rewarded with special benefits.
    Is it me, or is there actually something terribly wrong here?

  10. @The Rat Fink September 12, 2017 at 7:21 am

    > This basically makes the Cops glorified Tax Collectors.

    This? THIS!? When did hospital nurseries get Siri, for speech to text blog posting?

  11. MJA, everywhere you go in the states now, they will do their best to take your money if you have more than $500 cash on you.

    You have some explaining to do as far as they are concerned. Because only criminals need to carry a lot of cash?

    One area you are guilty until proven innocent.

    Something I worried about a little as I drove to Florida to pick up a bike. Cash was all he accepted so I traveled all the way from Texas with it on me. Something I do not ever like to do. Too easy to lose.

  12. Forfeiture is what one individual does after making a decision over a certain subject. He wasn’t forfeiting anything, the cops were taking it from him, against his consent. This is stealing with government approval.

    Consent to be governed!

  13. I was a UC police officer ( not a mall cop) like this guy. I was down at UCSB. You would be surprised at who we had to deal with. This guy, we would have told him to leave and the. Trespassed him. If he comes back he gets a ticket. Civil forfeiture was a law but not one we even thought of. Even with drug dealers which we ran across a lot if they were low level we just took the drugs. I did not even know how to do CF. I had better things to do. Like keep dudes from banging each other in the locker room showers ( yes a major problem) let’s see a mall cop do that

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