Celtic’s Enes Kanter Taking “energy” From LeBron

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LeBron James took aim at the Boston Celtics’ Enes Kanter for wearing shoes that appear to depict Chinese Communist Party Leader Xi Jinping crowning a bowed James.

In his post-game presser, a reporter asked, “Lebron, do you have any reaction to Enes Kanter using your likeness on his shoes in his advocacy for human rights?”

“No, I think if you know me, I don’t really give too many people my energy. He’s definitely not someone I would give my energy to,” James replied. “Um, you know, trying to use my name to create, you know, an opportunity for himself. Definitely won’t comment too much on that, if any, and that will be where I lay that at.” More

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  1. @rich taylor — Those peaceful protesters were peacefully pushing a 1st Amendment symbolic peaceful speech flaming dumpster into a nazi white supremacist reactionary capitalist exploitative filling station.

  2. Hey wait a minute! Last year I had a friend of more than 20 years accuse me of stealing his energy…… yeah, I got nothing. We haven’t been in contact since.

  3. rich taylor

    There seem to be a lot of concussions from skateboards hitting people in the head who don’t skateboard.
    It would be nice if the coppers would confiscate the boards with a, “you can pick it up in the morning at the station”

    Is that possible in the USA? Our laws are different. Anything can be confiscated up here if it is likely to be used as a weapon.
    Knives, for example do not really have blade restrictions but it is the intent of use. The second you say the knife is for defence, You are FUCKED! If you say it is a tool, it cannot be taken.

  4. LeBrainless spews an indigestable word salad.

  5. @Kcir

    Considering just about anything could be used as a weapon when possessed by one with nefarious intent, even in the best of conditions I don’t see cops grabbing up errant skateboards. Camera tripods, flashlights, even a backpack with a brick in it could all be potential weapons. That, and on this night, with all the cops hiding blocks away safely ensconced behind big bulky barricades, a jihad puke running around with a suicide vest involving rows of dynamite with wires attached to a trigger in his hand would not have elicited any attention at all.

  6. It’s going to be a terrible thing when the CCP takes their pound of flesh from the useful idiot, Lebron. He will deserve it for selling his soul to the Satan.


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