White House Communications Chief Of Staff Jumping Ship


Emma Riley, the White House communications chief of staff, is leaving her post for a job in the Labor Dept.

Earlier this week, the communications director for Kamala Harris, Ashley Etienne, said she was leaving the vice president’s office.

Both departures come as polls show strong disapproval of the Biden-Harris administration, with VIce President Harris in particular trouble in the public’s perception of her performance.

“It was an honor and privilege to serve @POTUS and the American people at the @White House … I’m excited to be moving down Pennsylvania Ave. and traveling around the country with @SecMartyWalsh and @USDOL,” Riley tweeted. More

3 Comments on White House Communications Chief Of Staff Jumping Ship

  1. No problem. Susan Rice has been preparing and training professional liars to take her place if needed.
    You didn’t know about the taxpayer-funded school they have for that?

  2. Maybe they know the shit will hit the fan Tuesday.
    Or will it be “No Standing”.
    If the election fraud stands, how many indictment will that be?
    My guess, Zero.


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