CEO Brought in to Liquidate FTX Gets $1,300 An Hour – IOTW Report

CEO Brought in to Liquidate FTX Gets $1,300 An Hour


John Ray, the seasoned expert brought in to tidy up the wreckage of collapsed crypto exchange FTX, is billing $1,300 per hour for his trouble, court documents filed on Sunday show [November 20th]…

…Payments made to Chief Executive Ray, as well as the $975 hourly billing of Chief Administrative Officer Kathryn Schultea, Chief Financial Officer Mary Cilia and Chief Information Officer Raj Perubhatla, are “critical to maintaining and administering” what remains of the company as it tries to unwind its debts in an orderly way.

The filing also cites non-employee directors hired to ensure proper governance during the insolvency process, for which they charge a fee of $50,000 per month plus expenses. More

John Ray’s services were also used to fold up Enron 20 years ago. Here

9 Comments on CEO Brought in to Liquidate FTX Gets $1,300 An Hour

  1. Be sure and slow walk it while you’re sucking it dry bud.
    The hits keep on coming.

  2. The guy who did my root canal makes 3 times that.

  3. The more he makes per hour the less there will be to liquidate and therefore, the sooner he’ll be done.

  4. Keep THE Fuck off my name BOT!

    Use Brad or Willy’s as your salesman…

  5. 𝒞𝓇𝒶𝒸𝓀𝑒𝓇FJB𝒷𝒶𝒷𝓎

    HECK! Id’a done it for half that…

  6. Uncle Al – How do you know when craptocurrency is Crap?
    When the proffesionals only accept real money!!


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