Cercle Jerk

What a free spirit!

Who doesn’t want their entire life to fit within the confines of a bicycle?

If everyone was like this guy, you couldn’t be this guy. It’s a paradox. Somebody has to make that bicycle, and you can’t even begin to build it if everyone is sleeping outside and banging on a steel drum.

His implication is that his lifestyle is progressive. Nah. It’s degressive.

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  1. Ha! Nice fantasy but not possible with liberals in charge.

    Your dream is nothing more than the flash between a liberal’s wish and reality….a bullshit selling point, very short lived and completely unattainable.

  2. Is there a one in a thousand, one in ten thousand chance that this guy is NOT on public assistance?

    Let’s see, subsidizing his musical career on percussion or paying for another school in Afghanistan that the Taliban will burn down next month, tough choice. The government is such good stewards of my tax dollars.

  3. He feels so safe because he only rides in the white suburbs.
    Hey dude, I dare you to hang on the North side.
    – Reality will kick you in the ass really hard.

  4. When they coined the phrase, “I’ll beat you like a red-headed stepchild!”, this is who they were talking about.

  5. As a woman I wouldn’t feel very safe in one of those. Only a young privileged male would say such things.

  6. The new overused word: “Journey”. I guess it means going through life blind and throwing yourself on others’ good graces. Retard.

  7. “We Grow Together”.

    That’s what all parasites say.
    You suck the life blood of those who listen to your crap until you kill the host.

  8. Bring your “cercle” to Chicago and set up camp on lower wacker drive with the other street dwellers. I guarantee you will be able to share your cercle permanently with some other lower earth denizen. It will be added to their fleet of “shared” ride share divvy bikes. Isn’t communal living grand?!

  9. Your parental units bought you books, sent you to school and you still don’t know anything except don’t get too far from the college campus or your feeling of safety probably will evaporate.

  10. I was waiting for him to pick up his shirt and start picking lint out of his belly button. The act of removing lint out of your belly button, makes me feel safe, to me, it’s the circle of life. He’s living 53 years in the past.

  11. One more thing, if he attached an AK47 onto the handle bars I might be impressed. I’m wondfering what the sperm and egg donor looks like.

  12. A hobo and his bike. SMH.

    PS – bike won’t save you when you get your ass mugged, idiot.

    PPS – hope we hear about the aftermath of his future mugging.


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