Nice Horse Race To Watch

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  1. I love horse racing! What was the payout? When I was 12 years old I won the Daily Double, it paid $96.00 and I bought myself a 10 speed bicycle, first of my friends to have one.

  2. My numbers were 4-6. Play them often. I actually won an exacta with those numbers, it paid more, but I was older too.

  3. That horse is US.

    Come from out of NO WHERE…

    We were up in Saratoga Springs this weekend…had a BLAST.

  4. I was waiting for the race to be stopped and the slow, lame, old horse asleep in the gate to be declared the winner later the next day.

  5. Joe6 — Longacres, by any chance?

    (I broke my ankle the first time at a friend’s wedding reception there. I begged the security people not to shoot me! LOL!)

  6. AA, my Daily Double winner was at Detroit Race Course, probably 1968. But believe it or not I hit an Exacta at Longacres for $2,400.00. Chances are I’ve given it all back, but it’s fun as hell to win!

  7. I had a feeling it was going to be a come from behind victory.
    I like the horse. He glanced at all the others as he passed them.
    We still have sulky races up here.
    Being at these horse races though is amazing if you can stand near the fence. The entire earth rumbles as the horses pass.

  8. I had President Trump by a landslide back in 2020 but the fix was in and somehow a 77 year old was dragged across the finish line ahead of him. (personally, I think there was some cheating going on)

  9. What do gay horses eat?

    Why did the pony have difficulty talking?
    He was a little hoarse!

    /Serious – if I was a racehorse owner I would be banned from racetracks. I would give my horses practical names like Dog Food, Kibble or Alpo or See Spot Run or Trump Won

  10. Perfect life metaphor. People counting you out while the race is still going. Makes the victory even sweeter.

    “How much sweeter when the water’s washing off the mud
    How much sweeter when your lips are cracked and dry…”

    ~Judson Spence

  11. @Cynic

    “The jockey on the winning horse had to go to the bathroom.”

    Maybe the horse had to go too.

  12. @Mr. Mansfield

    My favorite name for a horse is Mr. Glue.

    Seriously though, the thoroughbreds are spectacular. Watching them race is art in motion.

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