Chelsea Manning To Star in His Own Documentary- But It’s Not About His Mental Illness

Again, why are right-wing sites referring to Bradley Manning as “her”?

Are they nuts?  No, I’m not asking if the right-wing sites are crazy, I just got a glimpse of something under Bradley’s skirt and I’m asking if those are nuts.


…on Wednesday Purse Films announced at the Cannes Film Festival, that they’re beginning a documentary following Chelsea as she adapts to the real world after seven years in prison, for crimes the American government claims—and many fellow military and former military concur—put American soldiers in harms way.

The documentary, called XY Chelsea, was onsite at Leavenworth Wednesday morning. “When I first wrote to Chelsea at the military prison in Kansas, she could not be filmed, nor could I communicate with her in any way other than through letters,” the film’s director told Rolling Stone as the cameras rolled.

“Regardless, I believed it was imperative to find a creative way to engage with her life and story. Now, with Chelsea emerging from confinement, the journey of this film has reached its most historic and exciting moment.”

The documentarians did not comment on whether Manning would receive any proceeds from the project. Manning, in addition to the normal costs of civilian life, is facing the cost of continuing her transition from male to female, begun while she was under confinement.


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11 Comments on Chelsea Manning To Star in His Own Documentary- But It’s Not About His Mental Illness

  1. If you can be rectally examined for prostrate problems, you are not female. Bradley, you are just surgically mutilated. You are not female. You do suffer from a mental illness, and for that I am sorry.

    But sell your crazy elsewhere, I’m full up.

  2. I’ve started to refer to these creatures, on the rare occasions that I do refer to them, in the old nickname style. That’s Bradley “Chelsea” Manning and that other guy is Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner. Air quotes if spoken.

    I’d pity them for their mental illnesses if they weren’t such publicity whores.

  3. I’ve seen his recent picture. Apparently he’s transitioning into a Gender Studies lesbian.

    How did this guy pass a psych eval to get into the army to begin with.

  4. “… as she adapts to the real world”.

    Not gonna happen. He crossed the rubicon long ago and no amount of attention or fame will change that fact. Sadly, when the shiny wears off, the void will be pain and loneliness.

  5. I’ve been told, from The Internet (so it might be true), that most men becoming “women” do so with the intent of being “lesbians”. Is there really a pool, I don’t care how large or small (as long as it’s more than one), of women looking for men who’ve had their genitals amputated? To “knock boots” with? I mean, I’ve read of goat humpers who claim “sexual emergency”. And kiddy diddlers who claim that’s how they were groomed. But where do multiple women, who’ve decided that castrated men are what floats their “man in a boat” come from?

  6. I was wondering if a skinny 14 year old boy thinks he is an obese girl would they allow him to starve himself to death after surgery or maybe face his mental illness before?

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