Manning’s Picture

Wow, what a change. It’s a woman!!!!!!!

Can’t wait for Manning to have a baby.

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  1. I’d hit that.

    With a ball peen hammer.

    Honestly. The stupidity of all this obama hangover bullshit is unbearable. We are trapped in a world where sanity equals illegality and insanity is to be embraced.
    Back to the bunker.

  2. Does the Army even have or give out section 8’s anymore? Or is that too politically incorrect, judgmental and a relic of a bygone more sane era when they could get rid of losers like him/her if they insisted on being a freak.

  3. Bruce better watch out, there’s a new tranny in training.

    Most times you can’t hear ’em talk
    Other times you can
    All the same old cliches
    “Is that a woman or a man?”
    And you always seem outnumbered
    You don’t dare make a stand

  4. “Can’t wait for Manning to have a baby.”

    Simply, there you go. If this things’ remains were found in the middle of BFE, only skeletal remains and no DNA available, the remains would be determined to be that of a male if the skeletal remains were intact, and just by virtue of the hips. “That’s a man, baby!” Can’t pass a baby through there!


    you’re in CA and you can be identified and have left a last want to be listed as the gender of your choice. Even though a male or female (by obvious recognition), your ‘desired’ gender is mandated to be placed on the death certificate.

    That’ll screw up genealogy researchers in years to come.

  5. Is that a wannabeee Miley look? Bwhhahahaha!

    It’ll either disappear, or it’s gonna be a statistic
    for a hate crime by a Vet.

    Bet yah.

  6. “He’ll get a receding hairline or bald spots”

    I think that’s what the lesbian librarian look is all about. He’ll be wigging it soon, and he knows it.

    95 percent of the thrill for trannies is playing dress up. When the thrill is gone, and the parts are too, eating a handful of pills or a gun barrel seems like a good idea for many of them.

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