Chicago Fireworks – IOTW Report

Chicago Fireworks

The 4th of July weekend came and went in Chicago leaving 10 dead and 54 wounded. Some would consider this an improvement over last year where 16 were shot dead and 72 were wounded. 

Among the dead this year was the 7-year-old son of a notorious gang member who was most likely the target.. 


Dad was out on bond pending a gun violation. 


What is the solution for Chicago? Bulldoze it into Lake Michigan and start over again?  And by “it” I mean the left.


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  1. 10 dead = 10 no longer on welfare and will not be breeding.

    54 wounded = I hope they learned something from it, but probably not. Obamacare will take care of them at the taxpayer’s expense.


  2. funny hearing a death toll from an American city with strict gun laws from over the 4th of july weekend in the msm news but nothing about our soldiers casualties still in harms way with strict rules of engagement in the middle east for over the last 6 1/2 years.

    if the msm wanted to doom the usa would they report the news any differently?

  3. It was bad here in Syracuse too. Not THAT bad, but, there were eleven people shot during the holiday weekend. That’s a bit higher than our usual two or three shootings per week.

    Thank God for the NY SAFE Law! It’s keeping guns out of the hands of ….

    No, wait.

  4. I think the solution should be midnight range time by a qualified weapons instructor. I mean how do we know the ‘shot to hit ratio’. Everyone needs range time. Also class instruction. Stop holding your gun sideways. Maybe practice
    Reloading exercise. We need to bring the shot to kill rate up this year.

  5. # 1 in corrupt politicians too (and they are proud of it).
    Hog butcher of the world has become #1 in criminal butchers of the world.

    – At least they’re mostly last in the American and National leagues, says the man from Minnesota.

    Wait!….Hubert Humphrey, Walter Mondale, Jesse Ventura, Al Franken, Mark Dayton…Timberwolves, Vikings, Twins…

    Never mind.

  6. As long as no homosexuals or illegal alien invading rat-people were harmed, I guess it’s OK.

    All white, right? RIGHT?

    Damn! Don’t tell me some bruthuhs got shot …

  7. OK, here’s the ULTIMATE solution. Turn what’s now random shooting into a competitive professional team dueling league with shooter drafts, tax-supported stadiums, and high dollar TV contracts.

    Y’know – sort of like the Romans and their gladiator circuses.

  8. Sharpton and Jackson figured out ways to make money off of caucusoids killing negroes, you may have something, here.

    Makin money off of negroes killing negroes would do better than Microsoft!

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