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China Boycotts Western Companies Over Uyghurs

“… and remove maps that depict Taiwan as an independent country…”

Gatestone Institute – Companies are being pressured to scrub from their websites language about corporate policies on human rights, reverse decisions to stop buying cotton produced in Xinjian, and remove maps that depict Taiwan as an independent country.

In October 2020, the Geneva-based Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), an influential non-profit group that promotes sustainable cotton production, suspended licensing of Xinjiang cotton, citing allegations and “increasing risks” of forced labor. The statement has since been scrubbed from the BCI website, and, disturbingly, also is not accessible on the Internet Archive.

In March 2020, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, in a report, “Uyghurs for Sale,” revealed that Uyghurs were working in factories — under conditions of forced labor — that are in the supply chains of more than 80 well-known global brands in the clothing, automotive and technology sectors.

“China’s government, increasingly keen to punish critics of their Xinjiang policies, is forcing foreign companies to make a choice they have been studiously trying to avoid: support China or get out of the Chinese market….

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6 Comments on China Boycotts Western Companies Over Uyghurs

  1. Ah, Walmart… Not a high-end store so they’re just gonna keep buying the devil’s cotton, right?

    The world could bankrupt China tomorrow if we restarted our textile factories and steel mills, etc in our own fucking countries.

  2. We could easily defeat China – and by defeat I mean economically and politically – if Europe and USA simply stood up to them. Rest of the world too. There is no benefit to any country to yield to them, yet we are held hostage by a handful of actors whom they have paid off, including the ‘Biden’* administration. I hope there is enough sentiment to make that happen.

  3. The seemingly throw-away line about Taiwan really bothers me. It isn’t anything new, but seen in light of some recent activities/movements by China….

  4. I don’t think that America and the rest of the free world are ready for another friggin war in Asia. God help the US Navy and the USMC who will bear the brunt of it again. And with all the politically correct bs wokesters in charge under joey’s non leadership/appeasement policies we’re fucked, I hate to say.


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