China Debuts Artificial Intelligence News Reporting

You can write the jokes.

20 Comments on China Debuts Artificial Intelligence News Reporting

  1. More believable than anyone on CNN, and funnier than Colbert or Kimmel. This is amazing because we already know the AI guy is promoting the China propaganda line.

  2. First, you need to have intelligence before you can make artificial intelligence. Haven’t seen any in the DeMSM news for many years now.

  3. Hmmm. Looks like with this new technology, we can have our “news” delivered to us by:

    (a) Artificial Intelligence
    (b) Natural Stupidity

    Tough call.

    EDIT: Oops. Uncle Al here.

  4. Just like self-driven cars: who bears liability for the inevitable crash?

    “Oh that’s not true, the robot said it.”

  5. Big whoop; we’ve had that ever since the democrats started running newspapers for their favorite candidates, way back in van burens reign.

  6. Vietvet with the WIN!

    Also, that pun deserves a side car. Not that I think you’re a brandy drinker, it’s just that I’ve been recalling old timey drinks to bedevil bartenders with.


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