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Chinese Companies Accused of Selling Plastic Rice


A major food safety scandal involving fake rice recently rocked China; news reports suggested that the grains were made by mixing potatoes with industrial synthetic resin. There were also rumors of the “cheap but profitable” rice being exported to other Asian countries, including Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and India.


The fake grains supposedly cannot be distinguished from natural rice when raw. The only way to identify plastic rice is by cooking it – it remains hard and is difficult to digest. One publication explained that soup cooked with plastic rice will form a plastic film over the top, which burns when heated.

Health experts are warning people that these grains, if consumed, could wreak havoc on the digestive system. According to an official from the Chinese Restaurant Association, eating three bowls of plastic rice would equal consuming one plastic bag!


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  1. I thought rice was about as cheap as it gets.
    But crooks are never satisfied with even a gazillion per cent profit margin.

    But, look on the bright side.
    No carbs. No trans fats. No calories.

  2. Hell, the Chinese eat fried chicken feet. It is often seen on hotel breakfast buffets. I would bet the coolie chemist who concocted the plastic rice recipe was educated in the US or Europe.

  3. Seems green to me! If you eat the plastic it will no longer clog up the landfills! Instead, it will moulder in a cesspool thereby saving the planet! I really don’t know the settled science behind that fact, but the Global Warmists do!

  4. Goddamn… There really are some soulless mofos running around in a Zipperheadville. Jesus… “Let’s just feed people poison!… No one will figure it out!”

  5. I know that’s a terrible thing to write but the world is bad place and I’m a victim to its awfulness.

  6. If you ever saw how the Chinese “farm” tilapia, you’d never go near it again. If anyone knows of any domestically produced tilapia, let me know. I think it would be a great business to get into.

  7. Mike Rowe went to a fish farm with tilapia on Dirty Jobs. I wish I could remember where it was. Maybe check out the episodes on Ew Tube and you’ll find it there.

  8. By the way, I used to check for made in china shit on the clothing labels, but I’ve been doing the same for food now since chinese made dog food and treats have been killing dogs.

    Right now I’m paying $20 for 4 lbs of small breed dog food made in America. It’s expensive, but deaths and vet bills would cost me more. If I have to, I will make my dogs their food. Or find someone who hunts and feed them venison or rabbit.

    If I’m afraid to eat that foreign shit, I’m certainly not gonna make my dogs eat it.

  9. I refuse to eat Tilapia or Orange Roughy, free range or farm raised, foreign or domestic.
    These were formerly trash fish, served nowadays due to the expense of top grade fish such as Cal Bass, Snapper, Rock Cod and Halibut.
    Not real big on Yellowtail or Dorado either, but to each his own.

    On the other hand, I enjoy a nice Mako shark steak from time to time. (Sometimes sold as Swordfish at seafood restaurants, but those of us who know better can tell the difference.)
    And I love me some fried catfishes.

    Don’t get me started on Mackerel or Bonitos.

  10. If you saw how ANY tilapia was raised, you wouldn’t eat it….cross off “North Atlantic Salmon” as well….

  11. Yeah, lol. I saw that Tilapia were raised to “Clean” fish tanks. *Shudder*. But then lobsters are basically the ocean’s goats and that shit goes for $$ a pound! Go figure.

    PS I don’t eat seafood so I have no seahorse in this race. lol

  12. MJA, it wasn’t that long ago they were exporting deadly pet food.
    Hell, Even their drywall is poisonous!

  13. Goats are browsers and prefer leafy things…grasses and the underbrush are the last resort….if their hungry they’ll eat anything like the rest of us….Gus (my avatar) is sadly disappointed in his comparison to a bottom feeding crustacean….at thirty dollars a pound….I’d sell him….he’s 250 plus …

  14. Being gluten intolerant, rice is a big part of my diet. Still, I won’t knowingly eat anything from China. I won’t even feed it to my dogs anymore since two of them died from the same type of cancer. The Chinese food industry fed Chinese children industrial solvents, it’s a cinch they don’t give a yuan about Americans or their pets.

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