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The Boxers Rebellion

A North Charleston police officer was fired from his position after posting a photo on Facebook featuring the Confederate flag.

WCIV reports the post, which featured the officer wearing Confederate flag boxer shorts, went viral Thursday after it was posted a few days earlier.


The police chief terminated Sgt. Shannon Dildine’s position, saying the photo questioned his ability to improve trust and instill confidence between citizens and officers.

“Your posting in this manner led to you being publicly identified as a North Charleston Police officer and associated both you and the Department with an image that symbolizes hate and oppression to a significant portion of the citizens we are sworn to serve,” Police Chief Eddie Driggers wrote, as reported by WCIV.

Dildine has ten days to make an appeal.

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  1. “…symbolizes hate and oppression…”

    His underwear?

    None the less, it probably wasn’t such a good idea to post his shorts on Facebook at this time.

    But to fire him? Lord, just fucking mail it in.

    eBay is still selling Nazi and Che crap.

  2. Was or is the site screwing up again. It just now starting loading ok. Or is it my iphone? It was very slow.

  3. I question the chief’s ability to improve trust and instill confidence between citizens and officers.

    Are those shorts illegal now?
    Where in the fuck is this officer’s freedom of speech rights? It’s just a fucking picture! And they are going to take away his right to feed his family because of that??
    What in fucking hell would they have done if that officer had dark colored skin in that same photo? What if he was gay or muslim?

    This is an attack on whites, a racist attack on all whites who don’t cheer the agenda of the Left.

  4. The governor said freedom of speech would NOT interrupt an individual’s display of the flag. Besides, to be contrary, I do not take wearing a flag as underwear as a sign of ANYTHING, except fun! Get out of our underwear, fascist pigs.

  5. The way he’s standing, it looks like a hazing incident about to happen…the “X-marks-the-spot” and I’m about to kick a soccer ball at you.

    I could suggest he was fired for posting a dumbass photo like this in the first place…regardless of the flag shorts, who posts this crap of themselves…other than Geraldo and Weiner.

  6. What a great way to retire early and sue the police dept. for wrongful termination.. especailly now, since law enforcement officers are being treated awefully..and are targeted by gun toting thugs. I can’t say I blame him..

  7. Right, and he probably would have had his cocked sucked by a slaved one hole breathing black garbage bag if he wore the islam flag in a vine video and been promoted.

    Me, I’d already be full retard the problem is I got no strings.

  8. I hope his friends, relatives and countrymen either protest the police department, the chief’s house or the county supervisors’ meeting to protest that this is a bridge too far.

    Can anyone prove those aren’t swim trunks?

    Also, anyone know what color Chief Driggers is?

  9. Facebook is Miracle-Grow for the Dumb-Ass section of the brain.
    We are in the Bat-Shit-Crazy Times just prior to collapse, it is best to keep your head down.
    Avoid notice by the Digitali, so you don’t interrupt your prepping, dealing with the repercussions of being fired by Idiots cow-towing to their PC Masters.

  10. Shit like this is precisely why I do not join Facebook, Twitter, or any other instant unemployment creators. Things done innocently six years ago can be used against you.

  11. I’m on FB but I don’t use my real name, ever. Never have. My email is a throwaway email and profile pictures may or may not be me, and I am not searchable. That doesn’t mean someone can’t ever find me, but they have to be really desperate to try. lol.

  12. @MJA — and that’s why I don’t post on FB anymore. Have two accounts and only respond on one account to some very personal family posts. The end.

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