Christie’s Islam Problem Getting Bigger


Christie embraces Sohail Mohammed at the latter's swearing in ceremony in 2011.

Christie embraces Sohail Mohammed at the latter’s swearing in ceremony in 2011.

The imam of a New Jersey mosque that Governor Chris Christie continues to express support for, has added to his terrorist rap sheet by welcoming a virulent anti-Semite – who sees the solution to the Jews as Hitler did – into his mosque, to raise funds for Syrian terrorists. By not denouncing Mohammed Qatanani, who leads the Islamic Center of Passaic County in New Jersey, Christie further implicates himself as an aider and abettor of America’s very racist enemies.

The hypocritical irony is that it’s Christie who plays the race card against anyone who points out such things.

Al-Nabulsi: Spoke at mosque of Gov. Christie's friend.

Earlier this year, Rateb Al-Nabulsi went on a tour inside the U.S. to raise money for Syrian terrorists and was permitted to do so because he was issued a U.S. visa. One of these tour stops was the mosque of Christie friend, Qatanani.



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  1. It makes you wonder what part of the orthodoxy from the “religion of peace” christie admires?

    stoning adulteresses, hanging gays or killing infidels?

  2. It’s got to be the Allah inspired cheese filled Qatayef. Smothered in Western decadent REAL maple syrup, Christopher Christie will be busy for hours. The US State Department should adopt VISA’s slogan of “it’s everywhere you want to be.” They way they hand those things out, anyone who is anyone could get one.

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