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Numerous compelling new questions emerged in recent days about the crumbling White House version of the Benghazi tragedy.

They include the faux meme about a “hateful video,” who concocted it, why did Obama stick to that fiction so long, why weren’t rapid response troops in position on 9/11 of all days, why were U.S. diplomats even in Benghazi after other consuls abandoned the dangerous city, why was Benghazi security reduced in the days leading up to the well-planned terrorist attack and why were Amb. Chris Stevens’ security pleas ignored and no rescue attempted?

The upcoming Select House Committee on Benghazi will no doubt pursue these and other lines of obvious inquiry. And the answers will certainly play a large role in 2015-16 politics if, as expected, ex-Secy. of State Hillary Clinton decides to seek her party’s nomination.

But for us the most pressing, curious and disturbing question today remains: Where was the Commander-in-Chief and what was he doing during an eight-hour attack that left four government employees unprotected, abandoned and dead?

We know now, thanks to Bret Baier’s recent interview with ex-Obama aide Tommy Vietor, that the president was not in the Situation Room, the secure, in-house command post where presidents usually go to oversee crises. Remember the Osama bin Laden assassination-night photo with Obama back in the corner and others riveted to a real-time video screen?

Clinton and then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta have both said they talked with Obama by phone that awful evening. And Obama’s said he ordered all necessary security for American facilities and representatives abroad.

But that’s it! Nothing more.

Not until the next morning when Obama emerged into the Rose Garden with a silent Clinton to denounce the attack, cite the video and vow quick justice to the perpetrators. Then, he flew off to Las Vegas campaign fundraisers before the bodies were cold. Justice remains undelivered 600 days later.

Now, recall the contemporary context: Six weeks out from his reelection. Months into his comforting meme that he had al Qaeda on the run, decimated its leadership and sent Bin Laden to sleep with the fishes.

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  1. Only thing can prevent impeachment is reverse racism, which is worse than racism. Reverse racism is a get of jail free card based on skin color alone.

  2. You can bet your very last dollar that the usual suspects will be screaming racism very soon.

    The dogs chasing this conroversy/crime/abrogation of duty are getting too close. Obutphuk’s homeboys need to throw them off the scent.

  3. I’m beginning to wonder if Amb Stevens didn’t have some dirt on Obama,and this was just his way of getting rid of Stevens.

  4. This was supposed to be a kidnapping/trade of Stevens for the Blind Sheik that when bad when two ex-special forces did their jobs and effectively defended gov’t personnel for a HUGE body-count, but were not backed up by their superiors. After losing so many rag-headed terrorists to two defenders the rest were EXCEEDINGLY PISSED-OFF and had to revenge themselves on Stevens, the original target for kidnapping/trade by our Muslim Bro’hood gov’t agents in the W.H.

  5. He was meeting with his debate prep team, working on strategy for how to spin those murders…..while the battle was still going on. Then he retired to his bedroom to play softie swords with Reggie and snuggle afterwards.

  6. I don’t care what he was doing that night. WE KNOW WHAT HE DID LATER. He conspired with others to deceive the American electorate by lying to them in order to win reelection.

  7. @Kevin R. — With all due respect, it does matter what he was doing that night because it was that night that he used the time to spin his foreign policy achievement — of having culminated the whole Arab Spring with Libya’s so-called democracy. The deaths of Americans while serving in an official capacity in a foreign nation involved in a war (illegally) with the high probability they were there for gun running to American enemies is a very big deal. Until the select committee has the unfettered opportunity to ask even the weirdest questions about Blind Shieks, etc., we will never get to the bottom of all this and the families of those who were slain (as well as all those who have been gagged from talking) will never get justice. Winning an election is bad enough, but the depth and width of the cabal that fell in with this scheme is mortifying.

  8. @Kevin R – To add on to what AA said, read this article:


    “…Sure enough, Article II [of the Constitution] was as I remembered it. Much as Hillary Clinton may desire to be the commander-in-chief of the United States armed forces, that job does not belong to the secretary of state.

    It was the solemn duty of the president to come forward with not requests but commands for action. Why was AFRICOM hanging on the State Department’s preferences? Why were our troops hamstrung by what Lovell described as “deference to the Libyan people?” On the night of September 11, 2012, AFRICOM was not beholden to Mrs. Clinton or Tripoli. They answered to Barack Obama.

    Of course, no one can answer to a commander-in-chief who abdicates his command, a commander-in-chief who is AWOL…”

  9. @Stirrin — Exactly. Thanks. I do hope the Select Committee taps Andrew McCarthy to serve on its committee. He knows everything about both the broad inmplications and detail of U.S. involvement in the ME, and he’s been an effective critic of soetoro’s bad policies in the region.

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