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Christmas Radio

Listen to your favorite genre while you’re hanging out with us!



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  1. Interesting. It came right up on the computer with Safari, but on the iPhone and Safari it does not work unless you download the app. Then the Holidays (Christmas) selection is not available.

  2. I heard Listen, The Snow Is Falling – John Lennon & Yoko Ono performed by our P&W group and they did a great job.

    Then I sought out the original to give it a listen.

    Never thought I would like a Yoko tune, but I do. It’s different for sure.

  3. My first reaction was NO! NO! NONONO! No more holiday music!

    I was wrong.

    I’m listening to “A Brazilian Christmas” and it is a very nice welcome change from the usual. Thank you!

    (But I won’t care that they’re barking to a samba rhythm, I’ll turn it off if I hear dogs!)

  4. DH and I cracked up at the “O” Christmas station. That was totally amusing. Testing out other stations. Nice. Thanks MJA.

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