CNN Knobheads Say Trump Wants To Nuke Hurricanes

They are serious. AND they say it’s racist.

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  1. During the wind storms last winter I said I was gonna get a machine gun and shoot the wind… and I pantomimed shooting the wind a la Bogart with his Lewis Gun. My son couldn’t stop laughing. “You can’t shoot the wind, daddy!”

    Whew, these motherfuckers are dumber than a 6 year old.

  2. these people have offically passed ‘Idiocracy’ in stupidity

    they wish for Mar-A-Lago to get hit by a Cat 4 hurricane, which would damage the 3 most libtard counties in FLA. … idiots, smh!

    evidently, they think Trump can somehow control the weather, like Obama claimed to do. maybe that’s why Obozo brought waterfront property

  3. Fucking straws! Do you know how many times I have been attacked by straws, to-day? Do you know how many plastic bags have attacked me? Paper sacks?

    My petrol engines were all pointing their exhausts at me this afternoon. I got sick and died.


  4. didnt i read that this is the story his secretary “leaked”? Trump trolled her. She was the only one he told that to.

  5. Is CNN morphing into BET? Jeez, for 15% of the population they sure are over represented. Now every time you turn on a TV you’ve got Leroy looking back at you.

  6. Most too young to remember but ABC, CBS +NBC told us many times from ’80 to ’88 Ronny was going to “nuke” USSR! Easy question, even a 5 year old SHOULD be able to answer! How manny times did Ronny nuke USSR, or any other place?

    The hate mongers in the Press have been liars for many decades!


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