CNN’s Unsolicited Advice Columnist

Patriot Retort:

In an effort to defend (?) Fredo Cuomo, CNN’s Ana Navarro decided to take to Twitter to offer some unsolicited advice.

Because apparently, Ana fancies herself the Ann Landers of CNN. Only, instead of waiting for people to ask her for advice, Ana just volunteers it.

7 Comments on CNN’s Unsolicited Advice Columnist

  1. That was some of the same advice when she rolled her eyes and made the “little violins” motion with her pig knuckles when someone asked her about the legitimate grievances of people whose families were killed by illegal aliens?

    She’s a noxious oinker.

  2. “Objects in the mirror appear larger then they are”….NO they don’t…She’s YUGE!….I changed my couches name to represent her viscosity. My couch is now known as Norte Dakota….

  3. Here is my free advice for Fredo & Anna Niave-O:

    Hurl yourself towards the subway and open up your body before you splat.

    If you run with or perpendicular you might bounce & get pushed back on the platform!

  4. A flaky over fed sow offers up what she considers witty and piercing comments in defense of her juiced up tantrum throwing fellow idiot.
    Keep it up lumpy, you’re really making ground.


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